Try out our MEDIAGIRLS #xomg campaign!

We all have a say when it comes to media messaging, and it’s time we let companies know when we like and dislike their ad campaigns. Our #xomg campaign allows anyone with social media to strike back against the mass media’s message that insists a girl’s self-worth depends on how “hot” and skinny she can be. It’s also a chance to celebrate inspiring “feel-good” content. The “x” is for “no way;” the “o” is for “circle-worthy because you love it;” and the “mg” is for “MEDIAGIRLS,” so we can find each others’ posts. Please don’t use “x”s to judge the bodies of girls and women; it’s about judging messages, not women! Tag us on FBTwitter, and Instagram.  

Questions to ask about ads: “What does this ad tell or show us is most important about girls and women?” “How does this ad make you feel when you see it?” “What types of girls and women are included/excluded in this image?” “Does this ad make you want to buy, ingore or even boycott the product?”