The Future of MEDIAGIRLS - A Community Update

Help bring social media literacy skills to girls+ in your community.

“The way I act like a #REALMEDIAGIRL is I use social media for positivity- helping friends and leaving positive comments on posts – using my voice and profile to lift other people up. I also care about blocking and reporting things I see that are bad and making sure I help shape my corner of social media into what it needs to be.” – Marlie

We are excited to announce the launch of our updated and improved #REALMEDIAGIRL Curriculum this spring! Our new workshop package include newly designed slide decks, more in-depth scripts, inclusive language/content for girls+, engaging new activities and content focused on our new #REAL Outcomes. We can’t wait to share this new content with our MEDIAGIRLS community!

June 14th 2022 4:00-5:30 PM EST. All are welcome! Register HERE.

Community-Based Partnerships

This spring we are partnering with Girls Inc. and Girls LEAP. Our workshop is a great compliment to the important work these girl-serving organizations are already doing. Learn more HERE.

If you’re looking to bring MEDIAGIRLS 90-minute or 4-week session to your school, click HERE.


86% of girls+

believe that based on the #REALMEDIAGIRLS workshop, that girls can work together to make social media more positive for one another

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