Who gives you an #Attitude4Gratitude?

Here at MEDIAGIRLS we are determined to make social media a more positive and empowering space for girls and young women. We need it and we deserve it! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, this month’s mission is all about gratitude. We asked our youth advisory board to create a post with #Attitude4Gratitude, giving a shout-out to a girl or woman in their life they admire, and telling her why. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see less snark and bad-mouthing on Insta, and far more shout-outs?

​I chose Claire, she is my best friend, and I chose her because she is kind and has a heart of GOLD, honesty such an amazing person, and she can make anyone feel good about themselves. She has helped me through hard times, and I’m so glad to have her as my friend! – Hannah

​I am honoring my Granny. She is a strong, resilient woman whom I admire greatly. For 25 years, she was a social worker in a really poor, under-performing school, and she started both the Gay-Straight Alliance and the Black Student Union at the school so that queer students and students of color would not feel alone. At first, the school would not give her space for either group, but my Granny sat in on every school committee meeting until they gave her a space for those groups to meet. I love and admire my Granny because when she believes in something, she never backs down from a fight. – Maisie 

I chose one of my very best friends, Lyris. I chose her because she is always so kind, funny, smart and bold, and I hope I can be more like her one day! Lyris is never scared to speak her mind, and I really admire her for that. She’s an extremely dedicated worker, and one of the best students I know. Not to mention, that she makes me cry laughing with just one glance. One time I fell off of a bed because she did a funny laugh. She wants to change the world, and I know she can. – Claire
I chose Emma Watson for a few simple reasons- she is strong, beautiful, kind, powerful, and an incredible feminist. She’s made many speeches standing up for people of all genders and races, and she’s mainly chosen to be in movies with strong female characters. Emma believes in making a difference in the world, and wants her fans to be realize the injustices that are going on in the world as well. I love that she is a strong believer in equality for everyone! ​If more actresses acted like Emma, the world might become more open-minded and accepting. – Risa
I chose Pemika, my best friend, and I chose her because I admire her in so many ways. She is so confident and doesn’t care what other people think and that’s really admirable because she can just be herself without caring if others judge her. She is also an amazing singer and I remember when we used to sing all the time at recess together. She also is incredibly funny and can make me laugh even when I’m sad. One time a few years ago, I was pretty upset and crying and she made me feel better and made me laugh when no one else could. Another admirable trait she has is that she is really empathetic and gives awesome advice when I’m in a situation and have no idea what to do. – Amari
I chose my mom because she is the strongest, best person I know. Every day she demonstrates her selflessness and kindness. My mom goes out of her way to make friends with strangers. She genuinely cares about everyone around her and wants to succeed. Today, I found out that in college, one of my mom’s friends wanted to drop out. My mom called him and told him that he could not drop out. She convinced him to stay and helped him figure out what he had to do to succeed. Now, he is very successful and owes his success to my mom’s kindness and persistence. Along with being kind, my mom is extremely strong. Her childhood was really difficult for her. Her parents got divorced, her brother died suddenly, and she had to figure out how to get through this time. She has taken her experiences and learned from them. Now, she is honestly the best mom in the world (everyone says that, but I truly believe it). She has only gotten stronger from that tough time, and has done everything she can to give me and my siblings a normal, boring childhood. She keeps me grounded when I am catastrophically thinking or anxious about something new in my life. She lets me rant and then helps me cope with my issue. My mom has all of the qualities that I want to have, and I look up to her every day. – Olivia
A woman in my life I admire is my grandma. One of the many reasons I admire her is because she was a feminist long before it was culturally “acceptable” or really before people understood what it truly meant. I also admire her because she started a business based off her skill and ability which is something hard to do. – Sasha
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