We asked MEDIAGIRLS: Is there too much pressure on female pop singers to look “perfect”?

Before music videos came on the scene, singers could get by on their amazing vocals without the pressure to look a certain way. Now, in addition to singing talent, women have to be the “whole package,” looking like the media’s version of the “perfect girl,” for magazine shoots, their social-media platforms, and music videos on YouTube and elsewhere. We asked our class at the Brookline Teen Center if they thought there is too much pressure on pop stars to look a certain way.
Yes! The media puts too much pressure on female pop singers to look the media’s version of the “perfect girl”! Social media criticizes, analyzes, observes, comments, copies, creates, and judges pop singers, and they are put under pressure to always look flawless and never have a bad day, and if they thier are often “shamed”. It’s “OK” to have a bad day, or not look perfect all the time, realistically it’s not possible. Since they are famous they are under a spotlight to fit this strict social profile.
-Lila, 7th grade

The media’s perception of the “perfect girl” is straight hair, tan skin, blue eyes, perfect face, and skinny body. But is this really what we all want to look like? No, each person has their own interpretation of themselves, and even if it is not all of the above, they are themselves, which is perfect. The amount of pressure put on pop singers to have all of the above is over the top! Every time they go out, they are photographed by paparazzi, which usually would make them self-conscious about being the tabloids. They would most likely want to their best, so they will glob on makeup and designer clothes for other people. Weather or not the singers like the fashion they wear it to please. Personally I think we are all victims of this, even if we do not realize. Everyone wants to fit in and if acting like the “perfect girl” does the trick, most girls will go for it.
Emma, 7th grade

I think people put too much pressure on pop singers because people judge them based on how they look. I don’t think that is fair because all people look different. I think that people should not pressure anyone because of how they look. People also put too much pressure on pop singers because people also judge them for what they do in their music videos.

Yes, I think this for many reasons. One reason I think this is because the media thinks that it will make the artist more popular. They do this because the main goal for the artist is to be popular. Another reason is that it might spare the artist from hate on the internet. They want to do this because hate is really hard for artists. My final reason is for marketing. So that other people will buy the makeup she uses or the clothes she wears. This is good for the artist and all the companies she buys stuff from or uses stuff from or companies she partners with to make her own brand. There are many reasons why the media does this. I think the pressure is probably overwhelming at times for artists and that the media should try to put less pressure on female artists.
-Agnes, 6th grade

I think that pop singers do have a lot of pressure on them to look like media’s version of the perfect girl because they want to look good for their fans and in general. They especially want to look good in music videos for people to actually watch it and it can get a lot of views. Another thing pop singers want to look good is to make singers to like them and their style and to maybe have fans buy some stuff from their clothes line. And some people might hate or judge them if they don’t look as good as they usually do, like if they don’t wear makeup, or if they don’t have good clothes on, and maybe fans will think that with the money they have they can afford better clothes.

When pop singers are live or performing at a concert they want their performance to be perfect and they don’t want to trip or miss a line, or just mess up. I think they want to be things to be perfect because news spreads quickly about celebrities and the things they mess up, but a lot of celebrities mess up or trip on stage like Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, and more.
-Brooklyn, 6th grade

I think there is way too much pressure on female pop artist and other famous female celebrities because all female celebrity are expected to look and act like the media’s perfect girl, when in fact they are just human being and should not be held to standard that they have to be perfect. But the men in our society are held to much lower expectations they can be fat and lazy, but women are not accepted if they have scars or they are fat or any differences. And many ads that people see everyday people objectify people.
-Gillian, 7th grade

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