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In this series of eight virtual workshops, pre-teen and teen girls will have fun while learning how media influences their well-being and how to help transform media culture. Participants gain the necessary tools to deconstruct media, understand how media messages influence their feelings of self-worth, and create positive and inspiring content. Girls will spend approximately 45 minutes per workshop, or “mission,” and collect a virtual badge at the end of each one. Rent one or all eight workshops below!


MEDIAGIRLS is an award-winning non-profit organization based in Boston that boosts the self-worth of girls and young women and teaches them how to harness the power of media to uplift one another. 

Mission 1: How Media Influences the Way Girls Value Themselves

Mainstream media sends a clear message that what matters most about girls and women is how conventionally attractive they are. In this first mission, we explore media’s story of media’s “perfect girl” – an impossibly flawless character – that girls are constantly comparing themselves to.

Mission 2: Who Am I?” | Girls Define their Self-Worth

Now that participants reject the idea that self-worth comes from the media’s “perfect girl” standard, they engage in activities that allow them to discover their true self-worth while also thinking critically about media messages.

Mission 3: Report Card | How to Deconstruct a Music Video

In the third mission, participants learn to think critically about the music they consume and how they are influenced by representation in music videos. Participants choose one music video to grade, report-card style to put their media analysis into practice.

Mission 4: Ad Detectives | How to Deconstruct an Ad

Girls are flooded with thousands of ads a day on everything from magazine covers to Instagram and Snapchat ads. In this mission, participants learn to deconstruct ads by understanding how advertisers feed on girls’ insecurities to sell products. Participants also explore current empowering ads for girls and young women.

Mission 5: Social Media | Creating the Media We Want to See

Girls and teens spend an average of three hours on social media every day. In this mission, participants think about why social media often makes girls and young women feel less confident and more insecure. Participants name unwritten social media “rules” that contribute to the negative impacts of social media and take inspiration from teens using their social media for good.

Mission 6: Speak Up Using the #REALMEDIAGIRL Social Media Campaign

After identifying the often-harmful unwritten “rules” of social media, participants learn about the #REALMEDIAGIRL social media campaign to make social media a more positive place for all girls and young women. Participants then take action to make over their social media with the #REALMEDIAGIRL campaign.

Mission 7:  Inspiring Women | “What Girl or Woman Deserves the Media Spotlight?”

After learning about the #REALMEDIAGIRL campaign, participants work to integrate the different components of this campaign into their everyday social media presence. In this mission, participants identify the traits that most inspire them in other girls and women and choose a girl or woman they admire to shine the spotlight on.

Mission 8: Reflections and Giving Advice

In the final mission, participants reflect on their journey with MEDIAGIRLS. They also receive advice from former participants and give advice to the next generation of MEDIAGIRLS.