Today’s Black History Makers

In honor of Black History Month, we asked our Youth Advisory Board: who is a Black girl or woman who you think deserves to be recognized today, tomorrow, and decades from now? Who is out there making history right now? Here’s who they chose…

Ria L. selected Jess Guilbeaux!

“Jess Guilbeaux is a strong Black lesbian who speaks out on Instagram about being queer and Black in America. She talks about not feeling Black enough or gay enough. Jess was adopted, and her adopted parents did not accept her being gay. She talks about chosen family and homophobia. She inspires me to love myself for who I am.” – Ria L.

You can find Jess on Instagram @jesslayica.

Priscilla P. and Rhea A. both chose Vice President Kamala Harris.

“She has gone through so much adversity as both a woman and a person of color and I really respect how she sticks to her beliefs even if they are unpopular. She is also an inspiration to many women in the world who see that women can do or be anything they want to because she is the first Black, Asian woman to be Vice President and it’s so encouraging to see a woman of color in such a prestigious position.” – Priscilla P.

“Harris deserves to be highlighted since she is the first Black, first South Asian, first female Vice President (woohoo)!!! I think having her in office not only is a huge accomplishment and landmark for minority groups, but it also hopefully means that she will advocate and fight for those who are typically underrepresented and unheard. She embraces her racial identity, and I think that’s a lot harder said than done when one is in the spotlight of the media and the world.” – Rhea A. 

Ella S. selected Representative Ilhan Omar. 

“Ilhan Omar is doing amazing work as a representative for Minnesota. She introduces policies that will benefit everyone!” – Ella S. 

Clara T., Amaiya A., Nina K., and Eden S. all highlighted National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman.

“Amanda has recently been gaining popularity due to her beautiful poetry readings at the Inauguration and the Super Bowl. Her powerful ability to convey crucial messages through words have inspired millions across the country, and have motivated me personally to begin writing again!” – Clara T.

“I think all her insightful work and creativity in the poetry she read was such a personal moment for so many poetic Black girls in this world. She definitely deserves a highlighting moment. – Amaiya A.

Amanda is a strong Black woman who advocates/focuses on important issues of our times (i.e. feminism, race, justice). She does so through poems, which can be a very powerful way to deliver strong messages.” – Nina K.

“Amanda’s Gorman poem and the way she presented it at the Inauguration blew me away. She is so inspiring, well spoken, and eloquent. She deserves to be highlighted because she is an example that women are just as powerful and inspiring as men.” – Eden S.

SZA deserves to be celebrated by the history books according to Angela R. and Aanya V.!

“SZA deserves to be highlighted because her music brings harmony and calmness to those who listen to her voice.” – Angela R.

“SZA is an extraordinarily talented R&B singer with a unique chill vibe to her songs. Her music is extremely vulnerable yet also relatable and she is a lyrical genius.” – Aanya V.

SZA on Instagram.

Hayden B. says Taty Cokley should be celebrated for making Black history right now!

“Her videos are all about self-empowerment and how to be the best version of yourself. She’s a pretty cool person.” – Hayden B.

Check one of Taty’s YouTube videos: 10 WAYS TO BOOST YOUR SELF ESTEEM INSTANTLY!: #GirlTalk 

Zoe B. chose to highlight former First Lady Michelle Obama.

“Michelle Obama deserves to be highlighted because she stands up against oppression of all people and uses her platform to stand up for social issues and welfare.” – Zoe B.

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