See Who Took Our #realmediagirl Challenge! Join in.

The average teen girl spends three hours a day on social media. Much of what sees on Instagram, the app of choice for teen girls, alerts her that she should be thinner, prettier, “hotter.” Social media can be a breeding ground of insecurity, and research shows that spending more than two hours a day on it typically leaves girls feeling lonely and more insecure. It doesn’t have to be this way though! Girls dominate in numbers on social media and can make it whatever they want. That’s why MEDIAGIRLS teaches girls and young women in our programming how to use their social media to speak up and lift each other up!

You – and any girl(s) you know – can support our mission and help change the culture by taking part too. Just post the following text on your Instagram or Facebook account, and include a picture of you holding up a piece of paper saying, “I took the #realmediagirl challenge!”

The Script:

Social media can be so stressful, especially for young women. So today, I’m taking the @MEDIAGIRLS’ #realmediagirl challenge to shout out a woman who inspires me! Thank you @­­­­­­­­­­­­______________ for ___________________. I now nominate YOU to take this challenge. Tag @mediagirls to show support!

Example: Thank you [Friend’s Instagram/FB name here] for always cheering me on when I’m struggling to get a hard task done! 

Note: In September, we collaborated with TUGG (Technology for Greater Good) for their day of volunteering called Tech Gives Back. It’s the largest corporate service day of the year in Boston! We went out with a team of 10 determined volunteers to the streets of Cambridge, MA to spread awareness and enlist people to do our challenge.

Check out @mediagirls on Instagram to see the variety of people from all ages and stages who took it! 

How fantastic would it be if we all made social media a positive and empowering space, for girls and for all of us? One where we logged off feeling better, rather than worse? We can totally do this.

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