Halloween Scares On Social Media

Halloween is upon us, and there’s a lot to be excited about. Costumes, candy, parties, decorations – I like the spooky season as much as the next gal. Still, for every good-natured fright, there are some real scares to account for every Halloween, many of which are exacerbated by social media. Let’s break down three […]

9 Fierce Halloween Costume Ideas for girls from MEDIAGIRLS

Every year we ask our Youth Advisory Board to share with us a Halloween costume idea that is empowering and inspiring for girls. We’re so over the hyper-sexualized costumes for girls – “sexy cat,” “sexy nurse,” “sexy policewoman,” etc. Can we admit that dressing really young girls in these outfits is disturbing and that all girls […]

2017 MEDIAGIRLS-Recommended Halloween Costumes

The month of October brings cider donuts, apple picking, and seriously slim pickings for Halloween costumes that aren’t flat out trying to be “sexy” or “cute.” What if girls don‘t want to be either? That’s why we started a list of girl-approved suggestions last year from our YAB with costumes they find inspiring and imaginative. We are excited that our Youth […]

2016 MEDIAGIRLS-approved Halloween costumes

  We talk to many girls and young women who are fed up by the narrow choices of Halloween costumes for girls and women. As one MEDIAGIRL put it, “You  basically have two choices: be cute or sexy.” What if you don’t want to be either? That’s why we started a list of girl-approved suggestions […]

2015 10 Girl-Approved Halloween Costumes

By Michelle Cove, Executive Director MEDIAGIRLS Each first Monday of the month, we post a tip to help parents teach their girls how to navigate the often overwhelming world of media. Here’s our tip for this month… ​If there is one thing you can be sure girls around the country are discussing, it’s Halloween costumes. […]