Results Are In: Find out Which Celebrity YOU Named the 2019 #REALMEDIAGIRL Winner!

At MEDIAGIRLS, we’re all about using social media for good, in ways that make girls feel positive and strong. We define a #REALMEDIAGIRL as one who uses her social media to be authentic, speak up for what she believes in, and lift up other girls and women. More and more we’re seeing celebrities start to use their own platforms to do this, and we asked our Youth Advisory Board to weigh in on which female celebrity they think is slayin’ it on her feed (below were their choices), and then YOU voited. The winner of this year’s #REALMEDIAGIRL Award is…


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

@ocasio2018 on Instagram; @AOC on Twitter

A few of the reasons AOC won:

She uses her platform to raise awareness about important issues and fight for equality for minorities. All of her posts are focused on fighting for what’s right. She’s extremely inspiring!

Alexandra says it like it is, and she feels like one of us, not just someone spouting political thoughts that keep is safe. She advocates for all of us!

She became the youngest woman to ever serve on U.S. Congress, at age 29, which is so cool!

AOC is really good at using social media to engage with the public, but understands the health risks of it too, stating, “I think it has effects on everybody: increased isolation, depression, anxiety, addiction, escapism.”



Congrats to all the nominees, and keep up the amazing work of using your social media to inspire and empower girls & women and make change! We’re paying attention.


Evangeline DeMuro

Insta: @evangelinedemuro

Jameela Jamil

Insta: @jameelajamilofficial


Alicia Keys

Insta: @aliciakeys

Emma Watson

Insta: @emmawatson


Are you a teen girl interested in picking the #REALMEDIAGIRL nominees next year, and using your social media platform and ours to create positive change? Please consider applying to be on our Youth Advisory Board. That said, all of us can be a #REALMEDIAGIRL with a little effort and intention. Here are some tips and strategies to encourage and support you along the way. Enough with the media telling girls and women that we need a makeover. It’s the media that does. So let’s all create a media space that makes us feel positive, strong and inspired! We’re helping pave the way:

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