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#xomg of the week: Check out “Remarkable You” by Macy’s

We’re giving a circle-worthy “O” to Macy’s new ad!

Our #xomg campaign allows girl and women to think critically about messages sent by media, and whether they’re positive, negative or even both sometimes. Each week we share with the girls in all our schools one current piece of media – an ad, billboard,  music video, Instagram post, etc. – and ask whether the media deserves an “x” because it’s bad for girls, an “o” because it’s good, and then “mg” for MEDIAGIRLS. Then we post their responses on Twitter so we can let the company that made it know directly how girls responded. Check out our gallery!

Questions to ask your girl: “What does this ad say is most important about girls and women?” “How does this ad make you feel when you see it?” “What types of girls and women are included/excluded in this ad?” “Does this ad make you want to buy or boycott the product?”