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We’ve heard from so many wonderful and engaged dads and male guardians since we started MEDIAGIRLS in 2014, who want to be a positive influence in the lives of the girls. They sometimes feel overwhelmed and perplexed, and confess that the older their girls get, the tougher and more confusing it is to determine the guidelines and expectations. We get it.


Psychoanalyst Joyce McFadden got it right when she said that dads have major influence in at least three major facets of how daughters will see themselves in the world throughout their lives. These are: “her level of personal confidence, her body comfort and pride, and [her] expectations for the way she should be treated by boys and men.” We wanted to provide dads and male guardians with ways to help the tween and teen girls not only survive but thrive.


We want to help. That’s why we created a monthly e-letter with one tip or strategy per month that offers questions, activities, and concrete language to foster conversation with your girl(s). It’s based on the insider info we’re getting from thousands of girls, and past topics include:
  • Is your girl comparing herself to celebrity “influencers” (and what does that mean?)
  • How to talk to your girl about cyberbullying
  • How to talk to your girl about who she’s following on Instagram



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