Meet 5 LGBT teens using social media to speak their truth


Yes, we all know there’s plenty of trolling and hate spread across the Internet but it’s important not to forget that love and support are spread too. Today we celebrate the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) community using social media to educate, connect with one another, share experiences and uplift one another. This is especially true for LGBT teens, who use Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more to enlighten others, make their voices heard, create a safe space, and make political change. Below are five bold LGBT teens using social media to do this.

1. Georgie Stone

Georgie Stone is a 17-year-old transgender activist from Australia. In 2016, she was the youngest recipient of both the GLBTI (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender/Transsexual and Intersexed) Person of the Year award from the GLOBE Community Awards and the Making a Difference award from the Anti-Defamation Commission. Social media plays a large role in Georgie’s activism. On Twitter, she asks her followers to sign petitions and comments on current events. Her Instagram is a mixture of politics and a more personal look at her day-to-day experiences and activism.

2. Chandler Wilson

Chandler Wilson is an 18-year-old Youtuber and LGBTQ educator who is open about their experiences as an asexual, agender person. Their Youtube channel ranges from personal stories about starting testosterone to explanations of trans terminology to art tutorials. This educational, welcoming space carries over to Chandler’s Twitter and Instagram as well. Chandler’s social media accounts provide a personal and individual context for terms and concepts it might otherwise be hard to grasp.

3. Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg is an 18-year-old bisexual, nonbinary actor and activist. They have been outspoken since the beginning of their career, when they received hate from racist fans for being cast as Rue in The Hunger Games. While Amandla is most active on Instagram, they engage in dialogue with fans and criticism on Tumblr and Twitter too, as well as uplifting other marginalized artists and discussing politics. Amandla openly criticizes and questions the industries they are a part of and works to make more space for people like them.

4. Corey Maison

Corey Maison is a 15-year-old transgender girl, and one of her parents also recently came out as transgender. Corey and Eric have been sharing their journey mainly through Corey’s Facebook, where they stream live Q&As together and share LGBT news. Corey also posts a lot of trans positivity to Instagram, and occasionally uploads videos to Youtube too.

5. Rowan Blanchard

Rowan Blanchard is a 15-year-old queer actress and activist who was outspoken even while starring in Disney’s Girl Meets World. She uses her platform to partner with many organizations and activists fighting for human rights and social change. She also spends time on Instagram and Twitter sharing her own unfiltered opinions, quotes from what she’s reading or watching, and information about politics and useful resources. Like Amandla, who she is good friends with, Rowan is unafraid to question the industries she works in and to fight to make it better.

Each of these LGBT teens has found a different way to share their experiences and connect with the rest of the community through social media, but they are all proof that no matter how young you are, you can make your voice heard. They’re all proof that other people out there share your experiences and care about the changes you want to make in the world. Do what you can to make sure the LGBT community is heard. Follow these teens and others on social media, and share what they have to say. Use your own social media to speak out for what you think is right, and to find communities you want to take part in.


​Alexis Teats recently graduated from Boston University with a Master’s in Advertising. She is a writer passionate about media representation, particularly focused on gender and sexuality. You can find her on TwitterWordPress, and Wix.

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