MG Alumni Spotlight: Meet Kate Jamison

Our college MEDIAGIRLS Mentors volunteer for one year to head back into middle school. They are trained to teach girls ages 11 to 14 to think critically about media messaging aimed at girls, learn their true self-worth, and use their social media to speak up for what they believe in. In our “MEDIAGIRLS Alumni Spotlight,” we feature these inspirational young women and what they’re doing now.

Volunteered with us as Mentor: 2017-18

What she’s doing now: This past spring I worked for Massachusetts State Senator Elizabeth Warren, one of the most influential female politicians of our time. Senator Warren is an inspiration to me from how she conducts herself as a speaker to how she champions women’s rights. Working in her office introduced me to her incredible staff who dedicate their careers to advocating for others, and I even met the Senator a few times! She’s sincere and brilliant and everything I imagined she’d be.

Since graduating college, I’ve been working at a nonprofit called the Travis Roy Foundation, an organization that funds spinal cord injury (SCI) research and has an adaptive equipment program where we give grants to applicants who have experienced a SCI and need help funding necessities such as wheelchairs and ramps. This foundation has introduced me to some of the kindest people and has made me so much more aware of the necessity of accessibility for people with physical disabilities; I’ve noticed it especially with public transportation and restaurants. I’m very proud to work for an organization that helps others gain independence and confidence, and creates awareness of ability equality in the community.

MEDIAGIRLS influence: MEDIAGIRLS empowered me to make a difference in my community, and gave me strong connections to other young women volunteering there. I can’t wait to see what my fellow alumni mentors are up to!