Board of Directors Update

MEDIAGIRLS would formally like to congratulate and welcome our newest Board Members: Renee DuChainey-Farkes, Erika Illiano, Seema Karunakaran, Jeff Lemberg, Eric Roe, and Kara Secan.   Renee DuChainey-Farkes Head of School Woodward School for Girls Renee DuChainey-Farkes is a dedicated advocate for, and driver of, excellence in the full educational experience of students and parents. […]

Exploring Intersectionality During Pride Month

June marked the start of Pride month, a time for the celebration of identity and the commemoration of the LGBTQ+ civil rights movement. Pride month means embracing identity, acknowledging history, and critically thinking about what it means to achieve equity for the LGBTQ+ community. While Pride month is symbolized in many communities by temporary logo […]

How Girls Are Feeling about Social Media and Quarantine

We asked our Youth Advisory Board: How has social media made you feel during quarantine and COVID-19. Here are their responses: First, here are the main takeaways: Girls are experiencing both positive and negative feelings at this point in time They like that social media is allowing them to stay connected to their friends and […]

MEDIAGIRLS Goes Live with Eight Virtual Workshops

“I don’t know what my daughter is doing all day on her phone but I need to get work done so I just hope it’s not too awful.” “I saw my nieces scrolling through their Instagram last week, and the images of women were so fake and sexualized that I wanted to cry.” “My girl […]

MEDIAGIRLS Virtual Workshops

In this series of eight virtual workshops, pre-teen and teen girls will have fun while learning how media influences their well-being and how to help transform media culture. Participants gain the necessary tools to deconstruct media, understand how media messages influence their feelings of self-worth, and create positive and inspiring content. Girls will spend approximately […]

Your Anti-Racism Questions…Answered (Part 1 of 3)

In the last month, MEDIAGIRLS ran our anti-racism workshop: “How Can Girls Help Take Down Racism with Instagram and TikTok?” We were flooded with questions at the end of the workshop, which we ran twice, and were not able to answer all of them due to time constraints. But the questions were thoughtful and important, […]

Virtual Workshop: How Can Girls Help Take Down Racism with Instagram & TikTok?

Reach out if you’d like to bring our workshop to your company! NOTE: We initially hosted this workshop on June 25th and July 9th, and have received many requests from companies and schools to have us present it for their community. Interested in bringing it to YOUR staff? Learn more. How is racism baked into […]

White Parents: First Steps in Teaching Girls to Be a REAL Ally to People of Color

Yesterday, my 15-year-old daughter Risa told me that many teens she knows are reposting the brutal video of George Floyd being murdered by two police officers in Minneapolis. The captions are typically “This is so sad,” or “This is awful.” Others are posting the video of the white woman in Central Park who called the […]

Are You and Your Girl(s) Celebrating the Tiny Wins?

A mentoring strategy to help boost resilience long past quarantine  Like a lot of teen girls–and perhaps most of the human population right now–my daughter hit a quarantine roadblock this week. “I was doing pretty well with a daily schedule and making healthy food choices and stuff,” she told me. “But now, I’m staying up […]

Let Your Body Curate Your Social Media Feed

Note: If you are an adult, we hope you’ll find this post helpful in curating your social media feed to feel less stressed, more grounded. We ask that you share it with a girl(s) in your life who you think it will help. It is so easy to lose yourself in the limitless scroll of […]

What Do Girls Say Parents Should Know about TikTok?

TikTok, which was huge before the pandemic, and it seems to be growing astronomically, as so many of us seek lighter content. Adults have now flooded the platform aimed at young people, making us wonder if teens and 20-somethings will soon flee (as happened on Facebook). That said, in case you know the name but […]

How Girls Can Shield Themselves from Stressful Friend Updates

The Dilemma: Let’s say your girl is FaceTiming her friend Jamie, and out of nowhere Jamie starts talking about how she is going to go crazy if she has to keep staying home and is worried this pandemic will never end. Perhaps, Jamie adds: “What if we’re stuck in our homes forever and this is […]

“Social Distancing” is the Wrong Phrase

[This post was written by Michelle Cove, founder and Executive Director of MEDIAGIRLS and reflects her opinions.] It’s an unsettling time, obviously. In addition to the actual virus, we are struggling to figure out how to adapt to many complicated situations in real-time. At MEDIAGIRLS, like a whole lot of places, we had to shut […]

“Social Distancing” is the Wrong Phrase

[This post was written by Michelle Cove, founder and Executive Director of MEDIAGIRLS and reflects her opinions.] It’s an unsettling time, obviously. In addition to the actual virus, we are struggling to figure out how to adapt to many complicated situations in real-time. At MEDIAGIRLS, like a whole lot of places, we had to shut […]

Positive Media Content Your Girl(s) Should Know About!

One of the many concerns for parents and educators right now is that we don’t know what media content our kids are absorbing while they’re scrolling. Is it healthy? Is it harmful, possibly scary? Where can girls even go right now to find content that will inspire and uplift them? Together, a group of nonprofits […]

Think You Have No Time to Feel? Think Again.

by Michelle Cove, founder and Executive Director of MEDIAGIRLS Most of us are making decisions at rapid-fire pace without knowing what life will look like in a month, a week, or, let’s face it, tomorrow. Of course, the reality is that we never know what’s coming; we just like to think we do. Now, the […]

Teaching Girls to Say NO to Nudes

“My daughter definitely hasn’t been asked to send nude pictures to boys,” said one mom at a recent MEDIAGIRLS parent talk. “It’s not a thing at our school,” said another mom. “Wait, what are ‘nudes?!’” asked a dad looking appalled. “Nudes” are sexually explicit pictures or videos – taken fully or partially naked – that […]

Why Your Girl+ Loves TikTok, and What You Should Know about It!

Since the early 2000s, pre-teens and teens have buzzed through social media apps as quickly as trends go by. Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook have been the most frequently tapped into, but in 2018, TikTok received more downloads than the latter three. The video-sharing app has stepped onto the social media scene and is […]

How Can Kids Learn Respect While Adults Throw Verbal Grenades on Social Media?

I know that people attack each other on social media every day, every minute. For many, it’s practically a pastime. As the Executive Director of a nonprofit that teaches girls and young women to use social media in healthy and empowering ways, I am steeped in this world. Yet, I was still shocked this month […]

The MEDIAGIRLS Podcast is Live!

“Why does my daughter have six different Instagram accounts?” “What do I tell my niece when she says she was asked to send a boy a ‘nude?’” “I can’t tell if Lizzo’s music video is empowering or demeaning for girls. Which is it?” These are just a few of the questions MEDIAGIRLS staff are asked […]

MEDIAGIRLS Weigh In on the New Year’s Scale Obsession

“This is the year I’m going to drop 10 pounds!” How many times and for how many decades have we heard girls and women of all ages tie their New Year’s resolution to weight loss? The pressure to become a ‘whole new you’ too often means starting a diet, joining a gym, and ultimately weight […]

MEDIAGIRLS Presents: LITTLE WOMEN Screening Jan. 12th

Tix are sold out – join our waiting list Description MEDIAGIRLS is hosting a Boston-area screening of the latest adaptation of Little Women, Louisa May Alcott’s coming-of-age period drama. Written and directed by Greta Gerwig, this 8th adaptation of the film, rated PG, stars Saoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence Pugh, Eliza Scanlen, Laura Dern, Timothée Chalamet and […]

Media that Spreads the Shine on Girls!

This winter, we’re all about #SpreadtheShine, a hashtag we started to bring some light and love into these long, cold months! Here’s the deal: we’ve noticed that whenever we watch our favorite shows and movies, read or favorite books, or scroll through social media, a common theme tends to come up. Women are often pitted […]

Meet Laureen Chalumeau, Founder of @usdarksins

Here at MEDIAGIRLS we’ve been cheering on Laureen Chalumeau, founder of @usdarkskins, since we first heard about her Instagram feed in 2016. We coined the name #realmediagirl for girls who use their social media to speak up for what they believe in, be authentic, and lift up other girls. Laureen is the ultimate #realmediagirl, and […]

Will You Spread the Shine this Holiday Season?

S/O to activists Greta Thunberg, Mari Copeny, and Emma Gonzales for using social media to fight for positive world change! S/O to actress Jameela Jamil for using social media to push back against impossible beauty standards! S/O to YouTuber Lilly Singh for using social media to motivate and encourage women! Okay, media, we’ve had more […]