*Correction: Our  video reported 71%. of girls say their parents never monitor their social media usage. The correct statistic from Ruling Our eXperiences (ROX)'s Girls' Index is 61%.


To teach girls+ to become critical social media consumers

A world where media reflects ALL girls’+ authentic selves

Authenticity | Boldness | Community | Curiosity | Joy | Optimism | Inclusivity

The #REALMEDIAGIRL curriculum teaches middle school girls to become critical media consumers

Self-esteem starts to decline in the middle school years for girls

Social media is linked to increased anxiety & lower self-esteem

1 in 3 girls report that they spend 6+ hours on social media each day

Evidence shows that participating in the #REALMEDIAGIRL Workshop improves girls+’ ability to better critically think about the content they’re consuming on social media and reimagine their relationship with social media
Girl Programs
    • #REALMEDIAGIRL Curriculum: Participants in this workshop learn how social media reinforces the inequitable “perfect girl” who reinforces racial stereotypes, how social media influences girls’ well-being; how to be critical media consumers and users on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok; and how girls can use their power and numbers to make social media more empowering and positive.
    • MEDIAGIRLS is all about teaching girls to be REAL:  Recognize body and beauty standards that are reinforced by filtering and editing capabilities that perpetuate perfectionismEvaluate the role and impact that influencers and algorithms on social media have on your beliefs and mental healthApply personal boundaries around content, screen time, usage, and followers that align with improving mental health and wellnessLearn to curate a social media feed that aligns with personal values 
Other Programs
  • PARENT WORKSHOPS: We help parents understand the complicated world of girls and social media, and provide a concrete road map with strategies for making their favorite social media sites healthier and more positive for girls+.
  • FREE ONLINE RESOURCES: We provide conversation starters and a blog to help parents and educators engage girls+ in discussions about how media shapes our attitudes, and how we can collectively transform the culture of media for girls+ and women.