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To teach girls+ and young women to become critical media consumers


A world where media reflects ALL girls’+ authentic selves


Authenticity | Boldness | Community | Curiosity | Joy | Optimism

    • #REALMEDIAGIRL Curriculum: Participants in this workshop learn how social media reinforces the inequitable “perfect girl” who reinforces racial stereotypes, how social media influences girls’ well-being; how to be critical media consumers and users on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok; and how girls can use their power and numbers to make social media more empowering and positive. 
  • EDUCATOR CERTIFICATIONS: MEDIAGIRLS is now certifying dozens of educators to teach the #REALMEDIAGIRL workshop in their schools to bring media literacy education to middle school girls+. Interested educators can sign up to get certified.
  • PARENT WORKSHOPS: We help parents understand the complicated world of girls and social media, and provide a concrete road map with strategies for making their favorite social media sites healthier and more positive for girls+.
  • FREE ONLINE RESOURCES: We provide conversation starters and a blog to help parents and educators engage girls in discussions about how media shapes our attitudes, and how we can collectively transform the culture of media for girls+ and women.