Women’s History Month

What is Women’s History Month?

It’s March, so let’s not forget about Women’s History Month! Before we dive into how you can engage in the celebration of this month on social media, I’ll provide a brief background on what women’s history month is and why it’s important not only for our MEDIAGIRLS community but as a national and universal concept. According to the Women’s History Month website, the national celebration of women’s history month originated in 1981 to honor and promote the celebration and accomplishments of women in American history. National Geographic states that Women’s History Month began from a “feminist push for equal access to jobs and education.” The mission of Women’s History Month, therefore, suggests that we continue this legacy of uplifting and hearing each other’s voices while simultaneously defying discrimination. In support and admiration of HerCampus, I suggest girls+ look into their most recent blog posts. There you will find a HerCampus article appropriately highlighting the significance of Women’s History Month. They also published an article explaining how to celebrate it in five different ways, stemming from “listening to female-oriented podcasts,” “inviting your besties over for movie night,” “swapping your class textbooks for a women-focused reading list,” how-to “bond with women in your family,” and how to “explore online resources” (HerCampus).

To learn more about these celebration recommendations, I urge you to follow the links provided above. Also, for events and further information about Women’s History Month, follow this link:

How Are Some Social Media Platforms Celebrating Women’s History Month? 

What have social media platforms done or plan to do to continue celebrating this month? 

In celebration of this Women’s History Month, I encourage girls+ to actively engage with the various ways in which social media is honoring women and history.


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Out of all of the platforms I’ve researched, I would argue that TikTok is doing the most for Women’s History Month. According to SocialMediaToday, to “promote influential female creators,” TikTok announced “live-stream events and content highlights for International Women’s Day,” events and highlights that will continue throughout the month (listed below). Celebrated on March 8th, International Women’s Day is a global holiday dedicated to commemorating the accomplishments of women. TikTok used International Women’s Day, a day (as they call it) to “celebrate the extraordinary women in the US who use their creativity and passion to positively impact our community on TikTok” (TikTok) to jumpstart their celebration of Women’s History Month. In this newsroom community post made earlier this month (where you’ll also find several attributed TikTok creators), TikTok explained how they would be using their platform to honor Women’s History Month via various events. That said, TikTok recognizes the contribution women maintain on their platform when they state, 

“​​Women come together on TikTok to express themselves and share their stories. Whether showing the world the ways they are creative, unbeatable, and powerful using @emmymelimusic‘s original track or breaking down stereotypes with @naomiheartsxo, women on TikTok continue to discover new ways to be entertained and connect with a supportive community” (TikTok).

TikTok has created several hashtags on its platform to bring the TikTok community together for Women’s History Month. Using their hashtag, #WhenWomenWin, TikTok stresses the impact that women have on their platform, specifically those who create content that assembles a supportive community on its platform. If you follow the hashtag #WhenWomenWin on TikTok, you’ll find a diverse range of videos that pay tribute to the women that have created content on the platform and have taken part in this expansive community. You’ll also see TikTok’s explanation of the significance of the hashtag, 

“Women’s History Month has always been a time to celebrate the past. Iconic women who did incredible things. But what about the women who are leading the way and creating the culture each and every day? Here’s to our amazing community of women on TikTok who are pushing boundaries and creating the future. We all win #WhenWomenWin” (TikTok). 

Utilizing International Women’s Day’s (or IWD) 2022 theme of #BreakTheBias, or as TikTok calls it  “a direct call to action for the world to recognize and address the biases women face in order to advance each and every day,” TikTok argues that with its women innovators and creators, they too stand in solidarity with #BreakTheBias as they continuously set an example for women all over the platform, but most importantly, the world.

Content Highlights (themes TikTok’s Discover Page):  #WhenWomenWin (3/8), #WomenInMusic (3/9), #WomenInGaming (3/10), #WomenOwnedBusiness (3/19) 

#WhenWomenWin, #InternationalWomensDay, #WomensHistoryMonth


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Instagram, most obviously, has its Women’s History Month hashtag to interact with #womenshistorymonth, where you’ll find how others are sharing this hashtag across the platform’s universe. Instagram paid particular attention to one of its own accounts, instagramforbusiness, posting an inspirational and appreciative video for #WomensHistoryMonth. Instagram also previously shared a unique and creative reel by @chanel_miller on March 8th for International Women’s Day. Under this post, Instagram stated that its creator (Chanel Miller) “tells complex stories using simple lines and expressive characters. To mark International Women’s Day, the writer and artist created three new Instagram story stickers that celebrate women — and the incredible things they do every day” (Instagram). Check Instagram’s post of @chanel_miller’s work to see how it illustrates everyone’s place in Women’s History Month.


Buzzfeed also created two enjoyable and informative posts to motivate girls+ to interact with Women’s History Month on social media. Arguing that speeches could inspire readers to “use [their] voice and stand in [their] power,” Buzzfeed Contributor Devin Herenda created an article this Women’s History Month called “23 Of The Best Speeches That Have Been Delivered By Inspiring Women.” Compiling and providing brief backgrounds on speeches from Michelle Obama, Malala Yousafzai, Greta Thunberg, Amanda Gorman, and many more, this post reminds girls+ and the MEDIAGIRLS community why we celebrate Women’s History Month and the incredible and admirable stories that emerge from its history.

Image courtesy of Devin Herenda on Buzzfeed

Another Buzzfeed post, “19 Fantastic Books That You Must Read For Women’s History Month,” by Buzzfeed Contributor, Debanjana Das, dedicates its time to highlight women’s contribution to literature. Using Instagram posts to depict the recommended books, Das gathers a list of must-reads for Women’s History Month. Included in this list are works from Chinese-American author Ye Chun, Bangladeshi-born British author Leesa Gazi, and more. 

Check out this list and discover a book for you, girls+, and others! 

Although some of these events and dates have passed, I still encourage you to create your own ways of celebrating Women’s History Month online and/or on social media. That said, check out the resources above so you can find inspiration and further contribute to the celebration of Women’s History Month! 

Aryana Martin, Editorial Intern, is a student at Emmanuel College in Boston, Mass. She studies English with a double minor in Sociology and African and African Diaspora Studies. She’s passionate about reading, writing, learning, and creating new relationships and experiences. She is thrilled to contribute to the MEDIAGIRLS mission.

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