Inspiring women: Real women rock!

As the spring 2017 MEDIAGIRLS classes are coming to an end, we ask girls to reflect on the real women in their life, or celebrities who inspire them to be better, reach farther, and speak up. This past week at Orchard Gardens in Roxbury, MG participants wrote about the women they look up to. Some of the girls chose to write about their mom, best friend, or celebrities such as Oprah, Candace Parker, and Beyonce. Also, some of the MG participants chose to write about one of our teachers Savannah, who recently cut her hair and rocks a bold new style. Some common themes MG participants love in real women is that they are honest about their mistakes, they are not perfect, and they are unapologetically themselves. Here is what they had to say:
​–Leticia PinaSomeone who really inspires me right now is my mom because of the fact that she is so strong, and I really admire her for that. She is a really good person, and I really think she is my best friend. She would do anything to keep me with her, and I really love her. She supports me in my particular skills and interests.

–Rosey Rodriguez

​I’m inspired by Savanah because of the fact that she is so brave. She didn’t care how people thought her hair looked when she cut it. She just cared that she liked it. She didn’t care about the negative comments. She just faced all those negative comments with a smile on her face, saying she did it because she likes it. She is really cool person, and she helps me with a smile on her face. She is special because of the way she acts and reacts to what everyone has to say. She’s my idol. I LOVE HER.

–Catherine De Jesus Martinez

Someone who really inspires me right now is Savanah because of the fact that she is brave. One example of this is the way that she was courageous about her haircut. She didn’t care about what people said. Some people asked why she did that hair cut, but she didn’t care about what they said. What I learned from her was that no matter how you look, you have to always keep a big smile on your face, even if some people don’t like it. The thing that I like about her is that even though some people didn’t like her haircut, she just did it because she liked it.

–Rulianni Tejeda Pimentel

Someone who really inspires me right now is my mom because of the fact that she is so fun, nice, and amazing, and I really admire her for that. One example of her is the way she loves me. When she sees me sad, she says funny things just to cheer me up. When she does this it inspires me to be like her. If I see a friend who is upset, I will try to cheer them up like my mom.

–Jociela Vazantunes

Someone who really inspires me right now is my mom and my best friend Bruna because of the fact that they love me with all their hearts.They show me how to believe in myself and they are there when I need them, and I really admire them for that. One example of my best friend Bruna, we’ve been best friends for three years, and we never had a problem. You will always need friend that is loving and will be there for you at all times. When you have a friend like that don’t let go of them. Another example is my mom. She is so brave and strong. She is always there for me. I just wanted to let people know that a mother is a big thing, and sometime they are rude and don’t let you do what you want, but that is because are trying to protect you. That way I really inspires them.

–Stephanie Soares

I’m writing about Candace Parker, and she is the girl that inspired me to play basketball because she played basketball too. Even though males get more attention than females in sports, she still played and she keeps living her dreams.

–Alci Dejesusfontes

Someone who really inspires me right now is my big sister Illianis because of the fact that she is so strong and brave, and I really admire her for that. One example of Illianis is the way she gets through the hardest times even if it’s really hard. When I see her try her best to get through her problems, it makes me feel strong, and it makes me want to be confident. Whenever I am having a bad day I will remember how brave and strong my sister is and use that as a source of inspiration.

–Gamalie Pomales

People who really inspire me are Bruna and Stephanie because they’re really brave. One example of Bruna and Stephanie’s bravery is the way they stand out for people around them. When I see them I feel proud, and it makes me feel free like I want to help others around me like Bruna and Stephanie. I want to be like Bruna and Stephanie because they are alway there for people, even people who are not there for them. Also, even if they don’t know a person they still stand out for them. Also, they don’t care about what people think about them. They just be themselves and don’t focus on the people who judge them. I want to be like them because I always care about what people think of me, but they told me it doesn’t matter what people think about me and to be myself no matter what. They also told me being myself is better than not being myself. These are two friends who always tell me about right and wrong, and everyone needs friends like them.

–Domingas Correia

Someone who really inspires me right now is Gabby Douglas because of the fact that she is so brave and strong. She is such a hard worker and persevered though her life. One example of her perseverance is the fact that in her life she had so many chances to give up, like when they did not have enough money and no hope she, still worked her hardest. When I saw her do that it made me feel that I could also do anything and made me want to become more like her. She always tried to help out her family, and she showed a lot of respect. She had pain, but worked through it, and her movie inspired me and every girl to believe in ourselves. It’s even more inspiring because she is a black woman, and she showed pride. I  would like to be like her in perseverance, which I would use it to follow my dream of becoming a singer. I would know no matter what people told me that I should still follow my dreams. The next time that I’m afraid when I go up on stage, I won’t care how I look or how I sound. I’ll just remember I worked hard, and I’m not going to give up yet. I’m going to remember how to be brave and strong like she had to be when she twisted her leg, and she still worked hard and practiced. She always remembered to be brave and strong, and we all should use that as a source of inspiration.

–Selmira Monteiro

Beyonce inspires us right now because she is so strong and speaks the truth in her songs. One example of Beyonce is when she expresses her feelings when it comes to her songs. When we hear her sing her songs, it makes us feeling powerful and strong about ourselves. Beyonce is a powerful woman. She is having twins, and she’s not letting that stop her with her career. There are a lot of women in this world who don’t look up to her, but we do. She learns from her mistakes, and she makes everything better. We are not staying she perfect because nobody in this world is. She a woman who makes other women feel stronger.

–Lisbeth and Elizabeth

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