Women’s History Month According to Our YAB: Part 2

In Part 1 of Women’s History Month According to Our Youth Advisory Board, we asked our YABbers what the biggest challenges facing women and girls today are and who we can look to for inspiration in fighting against these challenges. In Part 2 of Women’s History Month According to Our Youth Advisory Board, we ask the question: how can we all use our social media or our connections with each other to help overcome the challenges facing women and girls? Here’s what our YAB had to say…

Supporting and Uplifting Each Other

“We can support each other online by boosting our friends’ confidence and complimenting people, we can also put feminist quotes, tweets, and messages on our stories and call out sexism when we see it in the media.” – Priscilla P.

“We can use social media to share resources and to uplift one another.” – Ella S.

“Upon seeing the bad on social media, the best thing to do is to spread all the good that we can. If we as a community can spread more positivity to counteract the misogyny, younger girls will be more likely to see the good, and in the future, spread the good too.” – Charlotte H.

“We celebrate our successes and pick each other up when we are going through tough times. And that’s what matters.” – Nina K.

Keeping the Conversations, Stories, and Information Flowing

“We can use social media and our connection with each other to make sure these issues are always being talked about. Keeping the conversation flowing as well as making sure this problem doesn’t get swept under the rug [again] will insure that we as a society can overcome this challenge.” – Mila V.

“I think the first step for us as teenagers is to make these topics more of a comfortable discussion rather than something that we avoid talking about.” – Rhea A.

“I believe that posting statistics and information on your social media is an extremely beneficial way to educate others and help rearrange the attitudes and mindsets that set our society back.” – Aanya V.

“We can use our social media or our connection with each other to help educate and communicate the problem that sexualizing women (especially queer women) and respecting them are two very different things.” – Zoe B.

Social media can be great for sharing stories and awareness with those who may not know about the challenges women and girls still face, as well as to find connection and solidarity with those also affected. It’s also been particularly useful in movements like #MeToo, and it’s an entirely new platform for action to be shaped around and quickly spread.” – Clara T.

“We can use social media to help promote equality and ideas to help overcome this challenge. We can share all the amazing things that women have done in the past so people can learn more about it and get inspired!” – Caroline T.

“Hearing people’s stories and shedding light on situations can help us connect and assist one another.” – Angela R.

“We can spread the word about inequity and be thankful that we have the opportunity to learn. We should take advantage of our huge opportunity, for those who are not as fortunate. This way, one day, we can end these problems.” – Hayden B.

Being Real!

“Be real on social media. Be real about our ‘flaws,’ our ‘shortcomings,’ our journeys, and our successes.” – Amaiya A.

“We cannot presume that everybody has to look the same and that everybody is different and that is what makes it beautiful.” – Addison O.

“We should spread love to other women on the internet and in day-to-day life no matter their weight, body size, or shape. Show that you wholeheartedly believe that all women are beautiful, whether that is by posting a selfie without photoshopping your body or following and sharing posts from your favorite body positive influencers.” – Faria E.T.


“Social media creates an important space for women to come together and support each other. It is also a space to share information about rallies and marches, and a way to organize together. Social media is a place for spreading information, as well.” – Ria L.

“We can raise awareness of the inequities and formally organize.” – Eden S.

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