Angela Scott
March 29, 2018

Which of our 8 nominees do you vote #realmediagirl of the year? Cast your vote!

The Academy Awards…the Golden Globe Awards…the People’s Choice Awards…by April, there is often awards burn-out, even for the biggest movie lovers. But there is one important award left to give, and that is the new MEDIAGIRLS #realmediagirl award, which celebrates female characters from recent films that make us what to be our best selves! We asked our Youth Advisory Board to nominate their favorite inspiring characters, and now it is your turn to vote! Who do you think of the characters below deserves the big win? Take our poll to let us know; we will announce the winner on our social media April 9th!

Wonder Woman

I picked “Wonder Woman,” aka Diana, played by Gal Gadot. When the movie came out, I was so excited because there was finally a strong female superhero movie, which is so rare in today’s media. Diana is a strong, independent women who bravely fights for the Allies to end World War One. She is powerful and an amazing fighter, but she also has a more affectionate side to her, as she cares about all of the innocent civilians in the war and falls in love with American pilot Steve. Diana shows that women have many sides; we can be strong and sensitive. At the end (spoiler) when Steve dies, Diana carries on and proves that women do not need to end up with the guy at the end of the movie. Wonder Woman was one of the more influential movies of 2017, and Diana inspired so many young girls and showed them that they can be strong and compassionate. –Olivia

I’m also nominating “Princess Diana” from “Wonder Woman,” who deserves this award because she shows the world so many inspiring things. She shows that you don’t need a lover to be successful. She goes behind her mother’s back to learn how to fight, even though her mother is against it. She saves a man who would’ve drowned without her. She pretty much saves the world, so that’s pretty honorable in my opinion! –Ris


I have to go with “Shuri” from “Black Panther” because Hollywood finally gave us a smart, strong, funny character who excels in technology and science. And she’s a strong woman of color, which is absurdly rare in itself to see in films! Usually these female characters in films are played in stereotypical ways: smart girls are shown as shy, timid or nerdy, and it was awesome to see Shuri hold her own, create inventions that save the day, and make wise-cracking jokes along the way. Shuri shows us that you can fight for social justice in an extremely serious way while also having a sense of humor and sense of fun. —YAB coordinator

Lady Bird

I’m nominating Christine “Lady Bird” McPherson from the “Lady Bird,” played by Saoirse Ronan. I love everything about Lady Bird— not only is she a female lead in a female-written and -directed movie, but she’s a character written like an actual girl, which is so important. In the coming of age movie, Lady Bird’s struggles are relatable and real. They paint her as a complex, multidimensional character; she marches to the beat of her own drum, but also wants to fit in and find her place. But what I love most about is that writer/director Greta Gerwig centers the movie around the relationships between Lady Bird and the other women in her life— like her mom and her best friend— instead of the main focus being some love interest. Overall, Lady Bird is the perfect #realmediagirl movie and every girl/woman/daughter/mother/human being should see it!–Annie

​I chose “Lady Bird” too because of how independent she is. Even though throughout the movie she is influenced by her boyfriends, at the end of the day, the guys were irrelevant. It was really about the relationships she had with the other women in her life, such as her mother and her best friend. She is incredibly independent, and always follows her dreams, whether it be her college choices or her high school play.–Claire


I think that a movie with a strong female character is Beverly Marsh, played by Sophia Lillis, in the movie “IT.” I chose her because in the film, she deals with lots of struggles like bullying and abuse from her father. After this, she has to fight a clown monster, or IT, and almost dies! But throughout, she remains very strong and was able to get through this all and live her life, while ignoring the bullies and going her own way. –Hannah

Billie Jean King

A strong female character in movies this year was  Billie Jean King played by Emma Stone in “Battle of the Sexes.” Although this is slightly different because this movie documents a true event, Stone and the rest of the cast and crew brought attention to and honored a woman who changed the game for both women and people who identify as LGBT (plus). I picked Billie Jean King specifically because she proved that there’s more than one way to make an impact, and therefore everyone can make an impact.—​Sasha


I pick “Moana” because she is a strong, independent young woman who doesn’t need a man, and is an awesome role model to girls everywhere!—​Maisie


I selected “Belle” from “Beauty and The Beast,” played by Emma Watson because I think she played the part wonderfully, and the character had an amazing, strong and beautiful voice. I also picked this character because the actress who played her, Emma Watson, is a feminist who speaks out on important issues.–Amari


I choose “Elastigirl” played by Holly Hunter because she is strong and saves the day. In Incredibles 2, Elasticgirl is the hero while Mr. Incredible takes on the challenge of the three children.  —​Shira

Can we just take a moment to celebrate all of these incredible female characters who are powerful, strong, smart and inspiring??! We want more, Hollywood! Next, we have to also give a shout-out -to the brilliant women of “Hidden Figures” who were also real-life superstars, and somehow didn’t make it onto our list (probably because it came out awhile ago). It’s time to cast your vote, and then send this post onto your friends so they can too. Vote by April 5th, and we will announce the winner on our social media on April 9th!