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Just like you need a Driver’s License to drive a car, we believe Girls+ need a Social Media License before creating a TikTok or Instagram account. 

Girls+ means that our programming is open to young people who identify as girls and young people who have ever felt like an outsider or an other because of their gender. Non-binary, trans, and genderqueer young people are welcome in MEDIAGIRLS programming!

Our #REALMEDIAGIRL Curriculum is specifically designed for middle school girls+. Our Curriculum teaches young people to:

  1. Increase their recognition of unrealistic beauty and body standards and empowers her to center her self-worth on non-physical characteristics
  2. Increase their awareness of how social media was designed by tech companies and how organizations use influencers as tools to sell products.
  3. Increase their understanding of the social pressures that come with social media and social media culture, and its effect on her mental health
  4. Increase their ability to self-regulate her behavior and relationship with social media

Young people will leave the workshop with a whole new set of social media literacy skills and tools to revolutionize social media to reflect their authentic selves and to speak up and use her voice to uplifts others; our definition of a #REALMEDIAGIRL.

Certified Trainers are parents, teachers, school administrators and staff, college students, and other mentors who are passionate about bringing The #REALMEDIAGIRL Curriculum to their community.

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We offer the following Workshop selection:

Raising A #REALMEDIAGIRL: A Workshop for Parents and Educators

The Anti-Racism Workshop: Using Social Media to Take Down Racism

TikTok: What Should I Know?

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