Our programming helps girls know their self-worth, think critically about sexist media messaging, and create a more empowering culture for girls and women. Find out how to partner with us, and take advantage of our free educational resources.

Our curriculum teaches girls to think critically about undermining messages they receive from media, and how these messages influence their well-being. Girls learn healthy ways to evaluate their true self-worth, and how to use social media to make media culture more positive and empowering.

In these eight workshops, or missions, girls will gain the necessary tools to deconstruct media, understand how media messages influence their well-being and transform media culture by creating positive and inspiring content.

Our Parent Talks are help explain how exactly social media influences girls’ well-being, how we got here, and where we’re heading. We just hosted one How Can Girls Help Take Down Racism with Instagram & TikTok?


We offer programming for girls in 6th to 8th grade. We also offer Parent/Educator talks and several more resources.


Amazon Prime has released its second season to one of the most real, heart-warming shows on its platform, Modern Love. The show itself is a romantic anthology series based on true love columns written for the New York Times, Modern Love. One episode this season, titled “Am I… Maybe This Quiz Will Tell Me” struck […]


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