MEDIAGIRLS is a non-profit organization that boosts the self-worth of girls and young women by teaching them to critically analyze and reject sexist media messaging, know their true self worth, and harness the power of media to uplift one another. In these eight workshops, or missions, girls will learn tools for deconstructing media; understanding how media messages influence their well-being; and how to flip media culture by creating positive and inspiring content.

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MEDIAGIRLS Mission 1: How Media Influences the Way Girls Value Themselves

Mainstream media sends a clear message that what matters most about girls and women is their sexual appeal. In this first lesson, we explore media’s story of the “perfect girl” (how she looks and acts), including stereotypes about race.

MEDIAGIRLS  Mission 2: Who Am I?”: Girls Define their Self-Worth for Themselves

Now that participants reject the idea that self-worth comes from the media’s “perfect girl” standard, they engage in activities that allow them to discover their true self-worth. This framework not only reinforces healthy ways to measure their value, but equips them to think critically about media.

MEDIAGIRLS Mission 3: Report Card: How to Deconstruct a Music Video

Participants learn to think critically about the music they consume, and how they are influenced by lyrics and gender representation. They choose one music video to grade, report card style, based on criteria such as whether lyrics empower girls, representation of diversity, the catchiness of song, etc.

MEDIAGIRLS Mission 4: Ad Detectives: How to Deconstruct an Ad

Many girls say they don’t pay attention to ads, yet we are all flooded with ads on Instagram, billboards, YouTube, etc. Participants learn to deconstruct ads and understand how advertisers feed on girls’ insecurities to sell products. Participants also explore current empowering ads for girls and women.

MEDIAGIRLS Mission 5: Social Media: Creating the Media We Want to See

Participants talk about how tweens & teens often use social media (i.e. Instagram and Snapchat) in ways that erode confidence and breed insecurity. They discuss how unwritten “rules for girls” contribute to the problem, and look at everyday teens using social media for social good.

MEDIAGIRLS Mission 6: Speak Up Using PSAs and Social Media

Participants practice using their voice to speak up by creating PSA videos that focus on educating their peers about the MEDIAGIRLS #realmediagirl challenge. The girls will have the opportunity to share their thoughts by making videos that can be shared throughout the school and on the MEDIAGIRLS website.

MEDIAGIRLS Mission 7:  Inspiring Women: “What Girl or Woman Deserves the Media Spotlight?”

Participants discuss the traits that most inspire them in other girls and women and choose between either writing a social media post about a girl or woman they admire based on their positive contributions to the world or by making a video about a woman they admire and explaining why she inspires them.

MEDIAGIRLS Mission 8: “Inspiring Women” Plus Program Reflection and Graduation

Participants finish up last week’s activity and discuss their choices with each other. Then participants reflect on their proudest accomplishments over the past eight workshops, and how their mindsets have changed. They also discuss how they will change their behavior to harness the power of media for positive change.

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