Women’s History Month

What is Women’s History Month? It’s March, so let’s not forget about Women’s History Month! Before we dive into how you can engage in the celebration of this month on social media, I’ll provide a brief background on what women’s history month is and why it’s important not only for our MEDIAGIRLS community but as […]


2021 is winding down, and what a year it’s been. As we look back on the last year, we at MEDIAGIRLS want to reflect on some of the real-life women who made headlines in 2021 and the lessons that they can teach girls+. The six women on this list are some of many who broke […]

Meet Laureen Chalumeau, Founder of @usdarksins

Here at MEDIAGIRLS we’ve been cheering on Laureen Chalumeau, founder of @usdarkskins, since we first heard about her Instagram feed in 2016. We coined the name #realmediagirl for girls who use their social media to speak up for what they believe in, be authentic, and lift up other girls. Laureen is the ultimate #realmediagirl, and […]

Why You Are Mentor Material…Even if You Question It

“I wish I had a mentor in my life,” is a common refrain from women of all ages. Many of us long for an angelic powerhouse who will take us under her wing and guide us through all of life’s tough situations. And, hey, some women are lucky enough to get this. Most of us, […]

Inspiring women: Real women rock!

As the spring 2017 MEDIAGIRLS classes are coming to an end, we ask girls to reflect on the real women in their life, or celebrities who inspire them to be better, reach farther, and speak up. This past week at Orchard Gardens in Roxbury, MG participants wrote about the women they look up to. Some […]

Let’s have the media highlight REAL women 

  At MEDIAGIRLS we believe the media should shine the spotlight on women who are making great contributions to our society. Women should be celebrated for more than just their physical appearance. We recently asked MEDIAGIRLS participants at Edwards Middle School (one of our partner sites) what qualities they admire most in women and what kind […]

It’s time to shine the media spotlight on women of color!

  As rabid consumers of media we’re used to seeing the same images of women over and over again. Often times the media celebrates women for their external beauty. However, we here at MEDIAGIRLS believe it’s time that the media shines the spotlight on more than just physical appearances. Participants in our after-school program are […]

Shine that media spotlight on my mom!

In our MEDIAGIRLS program, we start our journey by exploring what qualities in girls and women usually get the spotlight, and why. We look at how much attention beauty and sex appeal receive, and ask what qualities participants think should be highlighted and who should get the spotlight. When we asked our 20 students at Orchard Gardens […]

CBS “Survivor” contestant Julia Sokolowski talks true beauty with MEDIAGIRLS

​Julia Sokolowski, a Boston University sophomore who grew up in Vermont, applied to be on the reality TV show “Survivor” last year with a goal: to win the million-dollar prize and pay off her college tuition. She was an enormous fan of the show since age five, and also saw competing as a chance to “prove […]

Pick a body part below your neck that you love.

by Michelle Cove, Executive Director MEDIAGIRLS “Tell me the body part between your neck and knees that you love most.” That was the command given to a room full of career women in a workshop my friend attended recently. My friend told me that she, and the rest of the attendees, struggled with this big-time. […]