Body Redefined by Neutrality

Beau Ideal Social media prompts various questions concerning the self. This is clearly apparent in many of the platforms we interact with. We must ask ourselves how we can establish who we truly are when we are too often told to tailor ourselves to the external forces and expectations around us? How can we recognize […]

Social Media Summer Mindfulness Techniques

Summertime is here, and that can mean exchanging the stresses of the schoolroom for those of the social internet. Luckily, there are some relatively simple strategies and practices you can use to keep the stresses of social media at bay to give yourself a more mindful, mentally healthy online experience. These aren’t counters to every […]

Checking In and Being Checked Up On: Navigating Social Isolation, Together

We’re in a global pandemic and, as a result, our methods of communication are limited. How can girls combat the feelings of loneliness that come with social isolation? In this piece, MEDIAGIRLS Editorial Intern Melody Tuan explores how girls can overcome feelings of disconnectedness, together. The way we interact has changed due to our shift […]

How Stepping Back from Social Media can be Self-Care during COVID-19

July 24th was International Self-Care Day. In this blog post, MEDIAGIRLS Mentor and Editorial Volunteer Isabela Rocha consults experts around the globe to examine the intersection of self-care and social media in the age of COVID-19. Deyanira Cabazos, a micro-influencer, used to be on social media every day, but the pandemic has changed her habits. […]