MEDIAGIRLS Virtual Workshops

In this series of eight virtual workshops, pre-teen and teen girls will have fun while learning how media influences their well-being and how to help transform media culture. Participants gain the necessary tools to deconstruct media, understand how media messages influence their feelings of self-worth, and create positive and inspiring content. Girls will spend approximately […]

“Social Distancing” is the Wrong Phrase

[This post was written by Michelle Cove, founder and Executive Director of MEDIAGIRLS and reflects her opinions.] It’s an unsettling time, obviously. In addition to the actual virus, we are struggling to figure out how to adapt to many complicated situations in real-time. At MEDIAGIRLS, like a whole lot of places, we had to shut […]

Why we got a makeover to grow our girl-fueled revolution

All around the country, girls (and surely many boys) thought a whole lot about what to wear that first day of school. How did they want to be seen this year? What identity did they want to reveal? We, at MEDIAGIRLS, also wanted to express ourselves with a bold new look. (A shout-out to the J […]