If you haven’t heard of #carefreeblackgirls before, don’t fret. The hashtag has reappeared even stronger in Zeba Blay’s new book, an essay collection, Carefree Black Girls: A Celebration of Black Women in Popular Culture. Originally coined by Blay on Twitter in 2013, the hashtag reminds its audience of the power and strength of black girlhood […]

How Can Kids Learn Respect While Adults Throw Verbal Grenades on Social Media?

I know that people attack each other on social media every day, every minute. For many, it’s practically a pastime. As the Executive Director of a nonprofit that teaches girls and young women to use social media in healthy and empowering ways, I am steeped in this world. Yet, I was still shocked this month […]

The TV secret your daughter needs to know

by Kaitlyn Locke, editorial intern MEDIAGIRLS It’s 8 p.m. on a Thursday school night, and your daughter has finished a long day of school, soccer practice, homework, and putting the dishes away after dinner (with only minor grumbling this time). She sets up camp on the living room couch, hair wet from the shower, a […]