The Social Dilemma, COVID-19, and the State of Social Media Today

Netflix’s documentary The Social Dilemma has taken the world by storm with its chilling presentation of our technological reality. In this blog post, MEDIAGIRLS Editorial Intern Catrina Yang Farrell highlights the main takeaways of the documentary, all the more pressing taken in the context of COVID-19, and comes up with some ways to regain control […]

TV Shows to Watch with Your Teen Girls

With the 72nd Emmys having just concluded, we think it’s time MEDIAGIRLS weighed in with our TV recommendations – both old and new! – to watch with (or just recommend to) the teen and tween girls in your life. MEDIAGIRLS Editorial Volunteer, Isabella Libreros, gives voice to our TV recs while demonstrating the importance of […]

MEDIAGIRLS Goes Live with Eight Virtual Workshops

“I don’t know what my daughter is doing all day on her phone but I need to get work done so I just hope it’s not too awful.” “I saw my nieces scrolling through their Instagram last week, and the images of women were so fake and sexualized that I wanted to cry.” “My girl […]