Enchanting Themes of Encanto

If you’ve interacted with social media lately, you’d know that references to the film Encanto are everywhere. If it’s not for the hit song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno,” you’ll hear about “Surface Pressure.” Most importantly, you’ll hear and witness the conversations sparking about this film’s accurate or authentic representation of the Madrigal family, and […]

Media that Spreads the Shine on Girls!

This winter, we’re all about #SpreadtheShine, a hashtag we started to bring some light and love into these long, cold months! Here’s the deal: we’ve noticed that whenever we watch our favorite shows and movies, read or favorite books, or scroll through social media, a common theme tends to come up. Women are often pitted […]

A girl-power playlist to bring out your bold this summer!

We know listening to the lyrics of today’s catchiest pop songs can be cringe-worthy. All that singing about “I want you right now” and “I’m going to give it to you…” ack! We talk with girls in our after-school program a lot about empty and, worse, demeaning lyrics, and how disturbing they can be. We also […]

So your girl wants to be a pop star…and other worries

by Laura Whitmore Maybe your daughter seems obsessed with being the next Taylor Swift, Adele, or Rihanna. Perhaps this makes you nervous because she seems to have the chops and determination to actually pull it off. Or, maybe she can barely sing a note but wants to set up a YouTube channel to share her […]