Why today’s music videos may be even more hazardous than ever for girls…and what we can do!

Girls and young women are inundated more than ever with messages that contradict each other about female power. We have watched a sea of women speak up with #metoo and #timesup, And yet, the media still insists that to truly matter, women need to be “hot,” “thin,” and sexy as hell. Nowhere do we see these dueling messages – the sexy woman versus the vocal and self-loving woman – play out more than in today’s music videos.

How to have “The Talk” with our daughters in the age of #MeToo

By Clare Reynders, MEDIAGIRLS Editorial Volunteer “The Talk,” or discussing sex and romance with your child, is often fraught with anxiety and awkward moments for parents, educators and, of course, girls. But at the end of the day, we need to educate our children and keep them safe as they grow up. The #MeToo movement has […]

“A Poem Dedicated to Teen Boys”

by guest blogger Izzy Silver, grade 9   The mascara on my lashes, the curves of my breasts,none of that is for you.But of course you don’t care to know the restbecause you can belittle the way I look into a number out of ten on Instagram,an emoji sent on snapchat.And just because I’m a […]