Introduction to Cottagecore

Cottagecore is a fashion and lifestyle trend that’s made an impressive splash on social media platforms over the past year. Its defining ethos is its attempt to recreate an idealized quiet life in the countryside — flowy dresses, Emily Dickinson poems, baking cookies out of dandelion petals, and so on. Cottagecore celebrates the beauty of […]

Positive Media Content Your Girl(s) Should Know About!

One of the many concerns for parents and educators right now is that we don’t know what media content our kids are absorbing while they’re scrolling. Is it healthy? Is it harmful, possibly scary? Where can girls even go right now to find content that will inspire and uplift them? Together, a group of nonprofits […]

Media that Spreads the Shine on Girls!

This winter, we’re all about #SpreadtheShine, a hashtag we started to bring some light and love into these long, cold months! Here’s the deal: we’ve noticed that whenever we watch our favorite shows and movies, read or favorite books, or scroll through social media, a common theme tends to come up. Women are often pitted […]