Introduction to Cottagecore

Cottagecore is a fashion and lifestyle trend that’s made an impressive splash on social media platforms over the past year. Its defining ethos is its attempt to recreate an idealized quiet life in the countryside — flowy dresses, Emily Dickinson poems, baking cookies out of dandelion petals, and so on. Cottagecore celebrates the beauty of […]

Why Are We So Obsessed with Makeovers?

The end of one year and the beginning of a new one inevitably means an uptick in the amount of toxic marketing around people losing weight, clearing their acne, and–more broadly–being made over into a “better” version of themselves. In this piece, MEDIAGIRLS Editorial Intern Melody Tuan explores why the “makeover myth” in mainstream media […]

Why we got a makeover to grow our girl-fueled revolution

All around the country, girls (and surely many boys) thought a whole lot about what to wear that first day of school. How did they want to be seen this year? What identity did they want to reveal? We, at MEDIAGIRLS, also wanted to express ourselves with a bold new look. (A shout-out to the J […]