Women’s History Month

What is Women’s History Month? It’s March, so let’s not forget about Women’s History Month! Before we dive into how you can engage in the celebration of this month on social media, I’ll provide a brief background on what women’s history month is and why it’s important not only for our MEDIAGIRLS community but as […]


As we begin the month of March and mark the end of Black History Month, I’d like to commemorate its meaning with an inspirational and impactful form of resistance. Motivated by and credited to a MEDIAGIRLS Instagram post made this past week (@mediagirls), which refers to which Black TikTokers you should follow, and credited to […]

Five Incredible Follows for this Indigenous People’s Day

Fast approaching is one of America’s most complicated and controversial federal holidays: Columbus Day. Commemorating the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas, the modern world essentially begins here. However, we as a culture tend to overlook the bloodshed that shaped the colonial exchange and ultimately led to the founding of the United States. In […]

Introduction to Cottagecore

Cottagecore is a fashion and lifestyle trend that’s made an impressive splash on social media platforms over the past year. Its defining ethos is its attempt to recreate an idealized quiet life in the countryside — flowy dresses, Emily Dickinson poems, baking cookies out of dandelion petals, and so on. Cottagecore celebrates the beauty of […]

Inspiring LGBTQI+ People to Follow on Instagram

On 2021’s LGBTQ+ Day of Silence–a student-led day of action to spread awareness about the effects of the bullying and harassment against members of the LGBTQ+ community–MEDIAGIRLS Editorial Intern Catrina Yang Farrell gives us a rundown of six inspiring LGBTQI+ individuals who we should follow on Instagram. Tanya Compas  @tanyacompas  (She/Her) (Photo from Tanya Compas’s […]

How College Notifications Can Help Us Reshape Social Media

by Michelle Cove, Executive Director MEDIAGIRLS You’ve likely seen the first round of “Class of 2023!!!” posts on your social media feeds, whether it’s “I’m so proud of my daughter/son…” or ecstatic posts from high-school seniors donning sweatshirts with the name of their soon-to-be colleges. You’re probably not seeing updates from those who were waitlisted, […]

See Who Took Our #realmediagirl Challenge! Join in.

The average teen girl spends three hours a day on social media. Much of what sees on Instagram, the app of choice for teen girls, alerts her that she should be thinner, prettier, “hotter.” Social media can be a breeding ground of insecurity, and research shows that spending more than two hours a day on it typically leaves […]

What you need to know about Instagram Influencers

Each first Monday of the month, we provide media tips for parents, educators and mentors to help girls navigate the often overwhelming world of media messaging. Enjoy today’s current tip!   By Emma Everett, MEDIAGIRLS editorial intern If you scroll through a girl’s Instagram feed, you will likely come across the accounts of her favorite celebrities. Hey, […]

MEDIAGIRLS explores what’s up with the random social-media “rules”

Each first Monday of the month, we provide media tips for parents, educators and mentors to help girls navigate the often overwhelming world of media messaging. Enjoy today’s tip!   By Emma Everett, MEDIAGIRLS editorial intern Your daughter and her friend are sifting through photos on their cell phones from a birthday party they just attended. Your daughter’s […]

How long should we delay girls from using social media?

by Michelle Cove, Executive Director MEDIAGIRLS When my daughter was in sixth grade (three years ago), we gave her a flip phone. She was mortified by how “ancient” it was, and my calling it “retro” didn’t help. In any case, she desperately wanted a phone, and I desperately didn’t want her jumpstarting a social-media addiction. […]