Your Anti-Racism Questions… Answered (Part 2 of 3)

In the last month, MEDIAGIRLS ran our Anti-Racism Workshop: “How Can Girls Help Take Down Racism with Instagram and TikTok?” We were flooded with questions at the end of the workshop, which we ran twice, and were not able to answer all of them due to time constraints. But the questions were thoughtful and important, […]

A girl-power playlist to bring out your bold this summer!

We know listening to the lyrics of today’s catchiest pop songs can be cringe-worthy. All that singing about “I want you right now” and “I’m going to give it to you…” ack! We talk with girls in our after-school program a lot about empty and, worse, demeaning lyrics, and how disturbing they can be. We also […]

Dear Pop Star…thanks for the inspiration!

At MEDIAGIRLS, we teach our participants to deconstruct song lyrics and music videos to better understand how music influences the way we think about ourselves. We recently asked our MEDIAGIRLS’ participants what popular songs they like or dislike based on the song’s message to girls and women. We then provided the girls with the necessary tools […]