The Pros and Cons of Online Activism

The murder of George Floyd led to an explosion of online activism, particularly amongst young people. New accounts were formed with the sole purpose of explaining issues of institutional racism to their audiences, infographics popped up everywhere, and everything from videos to petitions to GoFundMe campaigns were shared widely. Now, one year after George Floyd’s […]

How George Floyd’s Murder Changed the Way Young People Use Social Media

One year ago this week, the world watched as George Floyd was murdered by a police officer. The injustice and brutality of his death sparked protests around the US, around the world, and all across social media. On the anniversary of George Floyd’s death, we asked our Youth Advisory Board how his tragic murder impacted […]

How I Talked To My Asian Dad about Black Lives Matter

Talking about racism is hard. Talking about racism with older generations? Even harder. As police violence against Black Americans is once again in the news headlines, MEDIAGIRLS Editorial Intern Melody Tuan, explains how she was able to talk to her father—a Taiwanese-American immigrant now living back in Taiwan—about Black Lives Matter and anti-Black racism in […]