TikTok’s Troubling Beauty Standards

Social media has a messy relationship with, well, most tenets of reality; the priority is often less an accurate depiction of a person or the world, but a version of the aforementioned that maximizes attention and interest. This is especially true of a platform like TikTok, where users have mere minutes to make an impression […]

Introduction to Cottagecore

Cottagecore is a fashion and lifestyle trend that’s made an impressive splash on social media platforms over the past year. Its defining ethos is its attempt to recreate an idealized quiet life in the countryside — flowy dresses, Emily Dickinson poems, baking cookies out of dandelion petals, and so on. Cottagecore celebrates the beauty of […]

Danger: Snapchat Filters Teach Girls that Lighter Skin is “Better”

When Snapchat filters first came into our (and our kids’) lives, it was an exciting way to spice up our selfies. Rainbows coming out of our mouths? Yes, please! Little puppy ears and a little nose? Adorable! But over time, some filters started to come out that made us look a little… too “perfect.” And […]