Turning Red

If you haven’t seen the film yet, Pixar’s Turning Red is receiving substantial recognition across all forms of media. Turning Red tells the story of 13-year old Meilin “Mei” Lee and her experiences with “puberty, cultural expectations, and her newfound tendency to turn into a giant red panda when overtaken by emotion” (NYTimes). Taking MEDIAGIRLS’ […]

Cancel Culture in Wartime

Last week, Spotify stopped doing business in Russia. However, unlike a lot of American companies who left in protest against the war in Ukraine, it’s clear that Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin wanted Spotify gone. Putin is cracking down on all spaces where Russian people can receive or discuss information that deviates from the story he […]


As we begin the month of March and mark the end of Black History Month, I’d like to commemorate its meaning with an inspirational and impactful form of resistance. Motivated by and credited to a MEDIAGIRLS Instagram post made this past week (@mediagirls), which refers to which Black TikTokers you should follow, and credited to […]

Ambassador Interview: Meet Isabelle Hanson, Miss Illinois!

The following interview was conducted and edited for clarity by Katherine Lynch, MEDIAGIRLS Editorial Intern. We at MEDIAGIRLS are proud to introduce our newest ambassador. Meet Isabelle Hanson (she/her), otherwise known as the reigning Miss Illinois! An on-air news anchor and reporter for her local CBS affiliate, Ms. Hanson is a journalist, a musician, and […]

TikTok Made Me Buy It

TikTok is a massive juggernaut in the pop cultural arena. Millions of people around the world are active on the app, and naturally, advertisers and marketers are eager to tap into this market, especially the younger demographic that may include your girl+. In this article, we’ll break down the commercialism of TikTok and the strategies […]

Vaccines and Social Media Literacy

With over 60% of Americans twelve and over at least partly vaccinated, the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States appears to finally be on its way out (fingers crossed). However, getting vaccinated has become a contentious topic for a lot of people. Social media platforms have always been forums for people to voice their own […]

Social Media Summer Mindfulness Techniques

Summertime is here, and that can mean exchanging the stresses of the schoolroom for those of the social internet. Luckily, there are some relatively simple strategies and practices you can use to keep the stresses of social media at bay to give yourself a more mindful, mentally healthy online experience. These aren’t counters to every […]

The Social Dilemma, COVID-19, and the State of Social Media Today

Netflix’s documentary The Social Dilemma has taken the world by storm with its chilling presentation of our technological reality. In this blog post, MEDIAGIRLS Editorial Intern Catrina Yang Farrell highlights the main takeaways of the documentary, all the more pressing taken in the context of COVID-19, and comes up with some ways to regain control […]

MEDIAGIRLS Goes Live with Eight Virtual Workshops

“I don’t know what my daughter is doing all day on her phone but I need to get work done so I just hope it’s not too awful.” “I saw my nieces scrolling through their Instagram last week, and the images of women were so fake and sexualized that I wanted to cry.” “My girl […]

Your Anti-Racism Questions…Answered (Part 1 of 3)

In the last month, MEDIAGIRLS ran our anti-racism workshop: “How Can Girls Help Take Down Racism with Instagram and TikTok?” We were flooded with questions at the end of the workshop, which we ran twice, and were not able to answer all of them due to time constraints. But the questions were thoughtful and important, […]

Virtual Workshop: How Can Girls Help Take Down Racism with Instagram & TikTok?

Reach out if you’d like to bring our workshop to your company! NOTE: We initially hosted this workshop on June 25th and July 9th, and have received many requests from companies and schools to have us present it for their community. Interested in bringing it to YOUR staff? Learn more. How is racism baked into […]

White Parents: First Steps in Teaching Girls to Be a REAL Ally to People of Color

Yesterday, my 15-year-old daughter Risa told me that many teens she knows are reposting the brutal video of George Floyd being murdered by two police officers in Minneapolis. The captions are typically “This is so sad,” or “This is awful.” Others are posting the video of the white woman in Central Park who called the […]

Are You and Your Girl(s) Celebrating the Tiny Wins?

A mentoring strategy to help boost resilience long past quarantine  Like a lot of teen girls–and perhaps most of the human population right now–my daughter hit a quarantine roadblock this week. “I was doing pretty well with a daily schedule and making healthy food choices and stuff,” she told me. “But now, I’m staying up […]

Let Your Body Curate Your Social Media Feed

Note: If you are an adult, we hope you’ll find this post helpful in curating your social media feed to feel less stressed, more grounded. We ask that you share it with a girl(s) in your life who you think it will help. It is so easy to lose yourself in the limitless scroll of […]

Think You Have No Time to Feel? Think Again.

by Michelle Cove, founder and Executive Director of MEDIAGIRLS Most of us are making decisions at rapid-fire pace without knowing what life will look like in a month, a week, or, let’s face it, tomorrow. Of course, the reality is that we never know what’s coming; we just like to think we do. Now, the […]

Why Your Girl+ Loves TikTok, and What You Should Know about It!

Since the early 2000s, pre-teens and teens have buzzed through social media apps as quickly as trends go by. Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook have been the most frequently tapped into, but in 2018, TikTok received more downloads than the latter three. The video-sharing app has stepped onto the social media scene and is […]

Why You Are Mentor Material…Even if You Question It

“I wish I had a mentor in my life,” is a common refrain from women of all ages. Many of us long for an angelic powerhouse who will take us under her wing and guide us through all of life’s tough situations. And, hey, some women are lucky enough to get this. Most of us, […]

How to have “The Talk” with our daughters in the age of #MeToo

By Clare Reynders, MEDIAGIRLS Editorial Volunteer “The Talk,” or discussing sex and romance with your child, is often fraught with anxiety and awkward moments for parents, educators and, of course, girls. But at the end of the day, we need to educate our children and keep them safe as they grow up. The #MeToo movement has […]