TikTok Made Me Buy It

TikTok is a massive juggernaut in the pop cultural arena. Millions of people around the world are active on the app, and naturally, advertisers and marketers are eager to tap into this market, especially the younger demographic that may include your girl+. In this article, we’ll break down the commercialism of TikTok and the strategies […]

#xomg of the week: Check out “Remarkable You” by Macy’s

We’re giving a circle-worthy “O” to Macy’s new ad! Our #xomg campaign allows girl and women to think critically about messages sent by media, and whether they’re positive, negative or even both sometimes. Each week we share with the girls in all our schools one current piece of media – an ad, billboard,  music video, […]

Don’t let media freak out your girls when it comes to periods

by Kaitlyn Locke ​ “I got my period.” ​ It’s one of those statements that stops middle-school girls in their tracks. When whispered to a bestie or group of friends, it’s often followed with a flurry of questions: “What does it feel like?” “Does it hurt?” “Are you using a tampon?” “Is it scary?” “Aren’t tampons […]

Let’s go (skin)deeper than body-positive ads.

by Michelle Cove, Executive Director MEDIAGIRLS It seems all at once, we collectively said “Enough!” when it comes to seeing the same one body type– long legs, toned abs, big breasts, tiny waist–plastered all over the media. Just this month we’ve seen women rail against Instagram’s announcement that users are banned from using the hashtag […]