Shine that media spotlight on my mom!

In our MEDIAGIRLS program, we start our journey by exploring what qualities in girls and women usually get the spotlight, and why. We look at how much attention beauty and sex appeal receive, and ask what qualities participants think should be highlighted and who should get the spotlight. When we asked our 20 students at Orchard Gardens (our partner school through Citizens Schools), we were delighted to see more than half the girls pick their moms! For more responses, click on “Inspiration” category (right-hand side of our blog). ​

A woman that I admire is my mom because she she is so funny, and she loves everybody. She makes me a better person because she loves me so much, makes funny faces, and takes me anywhere I want to go, like my grandma’s house. She also helps people a lot, and she is nice. If she was on TV, I think that people would be jealous because they are not helping people like she is. If I see my mom helping other people, I will help other people too. If my mom was on TV and other people saw, they would be nicer. People would feel like they should be kind if they want to be famous. She inspires me because she wants me to do well in school so I can get a good job and a beautiful house. She wants my sisters and brothers to go to school too.— Joceila

I chose my mom because she inspires me. She very nice and very respectful. When I need her she is always by my side, and she is a good person in her heart. She makes me feel better because she always talks to me about how to be a good person. When people need her help, she is always there to help them. If she was in the media, people would be more respectful like her, l think.— Yerica

A woman in my life that I admire is my mom because every day before I leave the house to come to school she tells me to pray before I leave so God keeps me safe. Every day, she gives us good advice so we won’t go in the wrong direction to end up in jail because she’s not going to take us out of jail. — Kevina

The woman I picked that inspires me is my mom because she doesn’t care about what other people think of her and she is always herself. She is never anyone but herself. My mom inspires me by making me think that when I grow up, I don’t have to care either about what other people think or try to be anyone but myself. Also, my mom inspires me because if I was a model and my mom was my manager, she would not let the photographer photoshop the picture. She would say, “You asked my daughter to be in your photoshoot, and you can’t change her.” So, all the models out there that have photographers who photoshop their pictures, stand up to them and tell them that you are a beautiful woman and you will not let them disrespect you like that! Don’t let those people use you; use your natural beauty. — Yaelsis

My mom is the best woman in my life because she is nice to me and other people. She is funny, good with other people, and loving. She likes to eat pizza with me and my family. If people like my mom were in the media, they would be inspired by her too because she is nice to other people, and helps others.— Angelica

The woman I admire is my mom because she is a strong and resilient person. She also cares about others and not just herself. I admire that about her. My mom is the most amazing person that I have ever met, and I have met a lot of people. She was on her own for a while, but was tough and now she has everything she wanted and more because she pushed through. She always makes sure that I’m okay with the life-changing decisions she wants to make. For example, my mom and I are soon moving to California, but she wanted to make sure that I was okay with the move before she made sure that this was a definite decision. I love and admire my mom so much. She might not know you but if you need help, she will reach out to you and I think she is amazing for that. —JaniahI chose my mom as my inspiring woman because she is a good person. My mom is nice, reasonable, smart, funny, creative, and she never gives up. She is an example to me. I look up to my mom a lot because she likes to do her thing on her own, without help. I think the world would be better if women like her were in the media because girls would have a good example of how to be like themselves.— Gretchen

I am choosing my mom as my inspiring woman because she is an amazing cook and she is good at fixing things like my broken phone, tablet, and computer. But also, my mom makes me feel like a better person by telling me when I wake up every day that I look beautiful. Everybody looks beautiful in their own way, even if others may disagree. Women like my mom would change the media if they were spotlighted by making girls feel not ugly and helping girls realize they are beautiful.— Marcuira

My mom inspires me because she is kind and very respectful. She makes me a better person because she talks to me about how to be a better person and what I should do and what I shouldn’t do. If she was in the media, I think that everybody would listen to her because she likes people to be good and respectful to each other. All the times that I feel bad, she is always by my side. I really think that she is very good at that. She is very good at doing stuff for people,
like doing their nails.— Wilmari​

The woman I admire is my mom, Stacey, because she’s always there for me and she’s always outgoing. She will help anybody in need. I also chose Stacey, Halley’s mom, because she treats me like her daughter. She’s always there for me and Halley. Christina, Lesley’s mom, treats me like her daughter as well. Christina will do mostly anything for me. I feel protected when I’m around them and they are excellent role models because they’re not trying to be perfect, they have their flaws and they are proud of them. Also, their daughters are my best friends. When we grow older, we will all go to the same high school, and me and Halley will open our own business.—Teanna

One person I truly admire is my grandma. She says it doesn’t matter how you look on the outside because you are beautiful on the inside. She tells me how I should treat people and how kind I am, and that is an inspiration to me because it makes me not care if I’m ugly or pretty. I just care about what’s on the inside. When she’s at home she doesn’t try to like look cool. She just looks normal, wearing her pajamas, and she really doesn’t care what people think about her on the outside. I want to be like that when I grow up. I don’t want people to like me if they only like me because of my outside. If she was ever in the media, I have a feeling she would just cut to it and say, “no, there shouldn’t be media for girls like this. Little girls are pretty just the way they are.” She would fight for the rights of girls and she wouldn’t care what anyone said about her because she knows she has true beauty on the inside. If she was in the media spotlight, I would be happy because every girl would know that they have true beauty on the inside and not just on the outside. She would say that flowers are beautiful, places are beautiful, and so are you, maybe not on the outside but always on the inside. –Selmira

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