MEDIAGIRLS is launching a live #REALMEDIAGIRL Girl + Parent Workshop!

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According to a recent study, “Social media is creating a mental-health crisis for our girls” (Royal Society Public Health, 2018). Schools and parents everywhere are struggling with how to approach this issue, which is where MEDIAGIRLS comes in.

Our 90-minute #REALMEDIAGIRL workshop teaches girls to think critically about undermining messages they receive from media, and how these messages influence their well-being. Girls learn healthy ways to evaluate their true self-worth, and how to use social media to make media culture more positive and empowering.

What licensing our workshop entails: 

Our 90-minute #REALMEDIAGIRL workshop, geared to girls in 6th through 9th grade, can be taught in one or two classes. It’s an ideal fit for Health class and can also easily fit into advisory or electives or other blocks. We will certify two school staff members at your school in our 90-minute training, who can then teach it throughout the current school year.

Girls & young women learn:

  • how and why media sells a story of the “perfect girl,” reflected by social media
  • how social media impacts girls’ mental and physical health
  • how to understand the made-up “girl rules” that dominate on social media
  • how girls can create their own more positive “girl rules” to follow and spread

The urgent need:

The average teen girl consumes social media for three to four hours a day. Research shows that using social media for over two hours a day is repeatedly linked to higher levels of anxiety, insecurity, and depression. Thousands of girls in our program have told us directly that while they are addicted to social media, it often leaves them feeling stressed and anxious.

Our program works: We’ve taught this workshop to over 4,000 girls.

Girls say:

  • 94% of our participants said that “based on the workshop, they believe girls have the power to work together to make social media more positive.”
  • 96% of our participants say “based on the workshop, they will change their own behavior” to make social media more positive and empowering and can site two specific ways they will do so.

Teachers say:

  • 86% agree The #REALMEDIAGIRL training better prepared me to understand social media’s influence on girls’ emotional well-being.
  • 100% agree that #REALMEDIAGIRL training better prepared me to guide girls in making more positive social-media choices.
  • 100% agree that The #REALMEDIAGIRL workshop helped my students better understand the impact that social media has on their well-being.
  • 86% agree that The #REALMEDIAGIRL workshop will help my students be more intentional about how they post on social media.
  • 100% would be interested in teaching this workshop again next year


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