How to curate your social media like a #REALMEDIAGIRL

#REALMEDIAGIRL (def.): A girl who uses social media to be her true self, speak up for what she believes in, and lift up other girls.

Step 1: Ask yourself:

  1. What content makes me feel the best when I’m on social media?
  2. What do I enjoy seeing in my feed?

Step 2: Next, ask yourself

  1. What an who am I following?
  2. Is my feed representative of different types of people and the different interests that I hold?
  3. Are the people I follow making content that makes me feel my best? That educates me? That challenges me to move beyond my comfort zone?

Step 3

Follow a diverse group of people and organizations who share content that makes you feel your best! Unfollow anyone whose content doesn’t make you feel 100%!

How to post like a #realmediagirl

Do you think your social media shows who you authentically are?

No, not really.


You're not alone! Let's talk

Congrats, you're already posting like a #REALMEDIAGIRL!

Why do you think you aren't posting authentically? Be honest with yourself!

I'm anxious people might judge me.

I'm worried about breaking with the image I've created for myself on social media.

If I change what I post, I might get fewer likes and people might unfollow me.

Feeling anxious, worried, and uncomfortable is okay! But ask yourself these questions:

Who is your social media for? Is it for you or for other people?

Should the people who might judge you harshly for being authentic online be allowed to have access to your social media?
If the image you’ve created on your social media doesn’t really represent you or your life, why do you want to keep up that image?
Would you rather have more likes and follows for not being yourself or *potentially* have fewer likes and follows being truly and freely you? Do likes need to matter so much to us?

In a world that demands "perfection" being imperfectly you is the biggest revolution you can undertake. Join the revolution! Post like a #REALMEDIAGIRL