Girls+ Programming

Girls+ means that our programming is open to young people who identify as girls and young people who have ever felt like an outsider or an other because of their gender. Non-binary, trans, and genderqueer young people are welcome in MEDIAGIRLS programming!

We are excited to announce the launch of our updated and improved #REALMEDIAGIRL Curriculum this spring! Our new workshop package include newly designed slide decks, more in-depth scripts, inclusive language/content for girls+, engaging new activities and content focused on our new #REAL Outcomes. We can’t wait to share this new content with our MEDIAGIRLS community!

Young people will leave the workshop with a whole new set of social media literacy skills and tools to revolutionize social media to reflect their authentic selves and to speak up and use her voice to uplifts others; our definition of a #REALMEDIAGIRL.

Bringing our programing to your girls+

Certified Trainers are teachers, school administrators and staff, college students, and other mentors who are passionate about bringing The #REALMEDIAGIRL Curriculum to their community.

Request MEDIAGIRLS staff teach the #REALMEDIAGIRL curriculum

Parent + Educator Programming

We offer the following Workshop selection:

Raising A #REALMEDIAGIRL: A Workshop for Parents and Educators

TikTok: What Should I Know?