It’s time to start depicting strong women, please!

Here at MEDIAGIRLS we teach girls to analyze popular song lyrics to better understand how music influences the way we think about ourselves. We recently asked our MEDIAGIRLS’ participants what popular songs they like or dislike based on the song’s message to girls and women. We then provided the girls with the necessary tools and tips to write a letter to a musician of their choosing expressing their approval or disapproval for the artist’s song. We were blown away by the passionate responses of our girls at Edwards Middle School– a MEDIAGIRLS’ partner site. Many of our girls at Edwards expressed their desire to see stronger, more independent women portrayed in popular music. To ensure that our girls’ amazing work is seen, MEDIAGIRLS will be tagging these artists on Twitter!


Rachel Platten

Dear Rachel Platten,

Your song “Fight Song” has positive lyrics for girls. I like the lyrics, “But there’s a fire burning in my bones, still believe, Yeah I still believe”. It sounds very positive that you believe in yourself and that you never give up even though you have gone through a lot. I also love this lyric: “Sending big waves into motion, Like how a single word can make a heart open, I might have one match but I can make an explosion.” It really helps that girls feel they are not alone and that they have someone and that everything will be alright. I love that you want to spread positivity. A lot of people don’t know that, in this generation. There are a lot of bad things and people spread a lot of negativity. I would like to say that you are a good musician and that you should keep on doing positive music.From,





Dear Daya,

Hi, my name is Yennifer. I’m 11 years old and I’m from Boston. I love your song “Sit Still Look Pretty”.  I like when you say, “No I don’t want to sit still look pretty,” because other singers just care about boys and other things, but you are different. You care about yourself and others. This song inspired me, especially when you said, “people don’t want to sit still look pretty, and they don’t want to wear makeup, they just want to be themselves.” I love all your songs and I like how you don’t talk about boys every time. I like female singers like that. Your art inspires other people too, because it helps them care about themselves and not hate how they look. You don’t want other people hating themselves, right? I love your music!




Dear Drake,

​In your song “Hotline Bling,” I did not like the message you gave to people even though I am a big fan of all of your other songs. In this song, you did not give a good message about women. You say, “you used to call me on my cell phone late night when you need my love”. Why do you want to tell people by this? What message do you want to give? Because I don’t really understand what message you are trying to give girls. I think instead you should say what things you like about women or how you think they are strong on the inside. The rest of your songs are sooo GOOD!!! I wish that you had a better      message about women.



Meghan Trainor

Dear Meghan Trainor,

In your song “’Dear Future Husband’’ you say, “you gotta know how to treat me like a lady, even when I’m acting crazy, tell me everythings alright”. I think that part is not that nice because men should not do everything that women say and women shouldn’t need men to help them. Also you say, “don’t have a dirty mind, just be a classy guy, buy me a ring.” I think that men should not have to spend their money on a woman’s ring if they don’t want to. Another thing is I don’t understand why women need to have a classy guy that buys her a ring. Also, I think that girls or women that are really inspired by you shouldn’t need to do all of those things. If you continue writing songs like this, girls in the future will think they need men to do things like this for them. Also, I will tell my friends about what your song really means. I hope that next time you write another song it will be more about being a role model for girls.




Dear Beyoncé,

In your song lyrics for “Pretty Hurts,” you say, “you left with shattered mirrors and the shards of a beautiful.” I appreciate that because I think that once you forgive everyone and not care what they are going to do back to you, you will feel better. Like when you don’t have pain and sadness, you will feel that you are free. You also say, “we try to fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see,” I appreciate that because I think that you can fix things that you know how to and the ones that you can’t fix, I think are the things that are not good and maybe it will be hard if you fix it. Then, you may be more painful about your feelings. I think if you continue to write songs that are positive, it will make girls feel better and maybe it will make girls feel that if they don’t put down their feelings, they would be happier.




Melanie Martinez

Dear Melanie Martinez,

I love you so much. You inspire many people and I am one of them. I am a cry baby. “Cry Baby” shows me that even though I cry all the time, no matter what people say I will stay strong and be creative. I say thank you for making this song so it can help people face their fears of crying. You make me feel strong and happy every time I hear your song. It’s also very intriguing and has it’s own story in every video and song. I think you should make more inspiring songs for girls like me, and boys too! I think this song is positive, and it has a strong and happy vibe. Please keep inspiring people.Sincerely,



Dear Beyoncé,

In your song “Pretty Hurts,” the part where you said, “Ain’t got no doctor or pill that can take the pain’s inside and nobody frees you from your body it’s the soul that needs the surgery,” I like that part because it says when somebody tells you to look like something you’re not, there’s no cure for the insecurity these statements cause. I think you set a great example for women because you speak about important issues women face. It’s important to make women/girls feel good about themselves because nowadays some ads make girls feel horrible. Having somebody like you make them feel better is very important.Thank you for your consideration,




Dear Meghan Trainor,

​I wanna give you feedback about your song ’’Dear Future Husband.’’ I think the song is too much about your husband in that song. You’re basically saying you need a man to live. I don’t think women need men to live because there are single mothers and women who are doing just fine without men in their lives. For example, I‘m Miss Independent. I don’t ever ask for help. The song you made, ’’Dear Future Husband,’’ is brainwashing women into thinking they need a man in their life, and between me and you that’s not true. Women can be independent without asking for help from a man.





Dear Drake,

Hi! In your song “Hotline Bling,” I really didn’t like the part when you said, “You got me stressed out,” because it basically says to me that you really don’t need a girl so I don’t know why you even wrote this song in the first place. You shouldn’t be saying that girls should call you all the time, because then the girl will get tired of you, so you should just say maybe you can call me when I am bored at times. You should maybe think about this first before doing another the song. If you would write a song about a strong woman then I would like your songs, but I feel a little mad because you don’t think the girls can be strong. I want to tell you that girls can do anything boys do.




Dear Beyoncé,

I like your song “Pretty Hurts” a lot, so congratulations! Your song teaches us to have our own personalities and follow our own way of being. Some women represent this well, and I love your song because it gives a lesson to all girls and women. Almost all women feel insecure of themselves, sometimes because they think that actresses have the perfect body type. Girls think the actresses are happy because they have a very good body, but girls do not know that they can’t eat almost anything to look this way, so thank you for showing us that you don’t have to be this way.





​Dear Beyoncé,“Pretty Hurts” is a song that makes me happy because I realize that you want the best for every woman, and you make us realize that inner beauty matters and not only physical beauty. Thank you Beyoncé, because you also show women and girls to have their own life and to not let other people control our lives.





Dear Beyoncé,

I like what you say in “Pretty Hurts” because what you talk about is very positive. Your song says that it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, and that the only thing that truly matters is in the inside. There is no need to have surgery or wear makeup to see what you have inside your heart, and this song makes women and girls wonder why you would need to have surgery if everybody is beautiful on the inside. It’s better to love your body as it is. Never let people tell you how you’re supposed to look because it’s your life, not their life.




Bomba Estéreo

​Congratulations Bomba Estéreo!I really liked your song “Soy Yo!” It’s my favorite! I listen to it almost everyday. Your song portrays women as strong, and it helps them feel better about themselves. It shows that you should always be yourself. It is the best song I’ve ever heard in my life and it’s my favorite. You are a great artist because in your video when the girls are laughing at the little girl, she showed them her real talent and they left the little girl alone and moved on. Then the little girl danced because she sees the boys showing their dance moves. Thank you for the support in this song. This song inspires people like me, and others will also find the video amazing.



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