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Our #realmediagirl challenge: Get your girl involved!

Help your girl(s) join our girl-powered revolution by becoming a #realmediagirl

The average teen girls spends 8-10 hours a day consuming media insisting she needs to be “hotter” and thinner to be worthwhile. Three of those hours, on average, are spent on Instagram and other social media, which further hammers us with that message. Research shows (and thousands of girls tell us) that all this messaging often leaves girls feeling lonelier, more depressed, and more insecure about their bodies and lives. Now, the good news: Girls and women dominate in numbers on social media, so we can transform it into a space where we inspire, support and encourage one another! How do we get there? We start by each committing to become a #realmediagirl.

How to be a #realmediagirl

It’s easy. Just post on Instagram or other apps you use in the following ways, adding the hashtag #realmediagirl. Tag us if you want for a shout-out, and maybe go a step further by tagging girls you know to invite them to participate. The more girls that join, the better it is for all of us!

  1. Post a pic of yourself doing something real (such as being goofy, trying something new, facing a challenge), and make sure the pic is unfiltered:

2. Give a s/o to another girl or woman (whether you know her not) to support her or boost her confidence:

3: Take a public stand on an issue (animal rights, women’s rights, gun control, equal pay, etc.) you believe in:

Check out these inspirational #realmediagirl campaigns made by some of the girls from our program!