MEDIAGIRLS of Orchard Gardens discover their core selves 

Girls are often judged upon or asked to define themselves by their physical characteristics. Today, when describing women, media usually chooses to focus on the physical rather than the things that make women who they truly are. This week at the Epiphany school in Dorchester, our mentors showed MEDIAGIRLS participants to simply use a paper plate to describe and display the things that make up their true inner self. By dividing our plates into eight different sections, we aimed to empower girls through encouraging them to look beyond the physical and define the aspects about themselves that make them truly special, valuable, and diverse. Many of the girls were excited by this activity and had no problem defining the things about themselves that they found admirable. This also speaks to the great influences they are also receiving at the Epiphany school where classrooms are filled with messages of empowerment, strength, and unity.

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