Okay, ladies, now let’s get in formation! 

In MEDIAGIRLS we strive to highlight and call attention to strong women who valiantly fight for what they believe in. Recently, we asked MEDIAGIRLS participants in the Brookline Girl Scout Troop what women they believe should be featured in the media. We were pleased to read that several of our participants believe the media should emphasize more women who champion for women’s rights and gender equality. In the wake of recent election results, this sentiment has never seemed more important. 

“To all the young women who put their faith in this campaign and in me, I want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion.” — Hillary Clinton

During the latest election, there was lots of hateful talk. About Muslims, Mexicans, women, and more. So the person that I look up to the most right now is Hillary Clinton because throughout all the terrorist attacks, through all the people angry at her, through all of the awful things Donald Trump said about Hillary Clinton and other groups of people, she still remained strong. She didn’t give in to all of terrible things Donald Trump said at her, she didn’t lash back with anger and hate. She remained calm. She still gave inspiring speeches to get people to come out and vote and never give up. And even when she lost the election, she didn’t say that it was rigged. She accepted that she had lost and told people to never give up and even though we didn’t get a woman president this time, we can keep trying and women can keep running until we get one. And there should be more women like Hillary represented in the media because when I hear Hillary Clinton talking about never giving up, it inspires me (and thousands of other girls) to want to do things like raise money for charity and maybe, just maybe, for some girls, to want to run for president. — Alice

“I don’t mind if people look at me like I’m crazy. I’m just being me.” This is who Zendaya is. She is powerful and kind. She helps with a lot of charities, including UNICEF, PETA, American Heart Association, and lots more. That is really important to me, to give back to people who have less. UNICEF is an organization to help kids get food and water. You might know it from trick or treating, the orange box. PETA is another organization that is trying to stop all animal cruelty. When celebrities gain money, a lot of them just spend it on their self, but Zendaya notices all of the people and animals that don’t have the voice she has and makes sure that she uses the opportunity.  There should be more people like Zendaya in the media because the world would be a much kinder place, and a lot of problems would be solved. One voice can do a lot, but a bunch of voices can do even more.  She makes me feel proud to be a girl and that every effort I make to make the world a better place matters and that over time every change adds up. –MG Participant

A while ago (and in some places today), woman didn’t have the same rights as men. They couldn’t vote and weren’t considered as powerful. Who do you admire, and what for? One woman that I admire is Emmeline Pankhurst. I admire Emmeline for her bravery, and her struggles for women’s rights. Emmeline Pankhurst worked for women’s rights to vote. I find her brave because of her attempts for their rights. Emmeline Pankhurst was harassed and thrown in jail because of the peaceful protests she set up. When in jail, she would go on hunger strikes with other women until the jail guards had to force feed them. Emmeline Pankhurst worked for 50 years to ensure that women had the right to vote. She set up the women’s Social and Political Union. I think that Emmeline Pankhurst is strong and brave because of the time that she gave to women’s rights. — Amelia

Someone who really inspires me right now is Brooke Elby because of the fact that she is so strong and I really admire that of her. She shows me that any girl can achieve their  goal.  She is a professional soccer player who recently almost got traded to the North Carolina team, from the Boston Breakers. One reason that I think that Brooke is someone who really inspires me is she doesn’t give up. When she got traded to a different team, she didn’t give up. She kept playing soccer and is bound to beat the Boston Breakers.  Another reason that I think Brooke is really inspiring is she is very kind and caring. I took sessions with her on Sunday’s. When I would goof or be really out of control, she wouldn’t get that mad. She was always there for me, even when I was off task. I am going to change because she showed me not to give up. Now I am playing defense, like her, on the traveling Brookline team. I don’t like my coach very much, and my coach may treat defensive players unfairly . But I am going to keep pushing and keep playing soccer. There should be more girls like Brooke in the media because she is a role model for female athletes. –Emma

Have you ever given up and found out that you could have succeeded if you hadn’t? Someone who really inspires me is my aunt because of the fact that she is so caring and persistent. One example of her persistence is when she found a very scared kitten and took her home, but she always hid and didn’t really eat. My aunt never gave up on her and so three months later, the cat finally let her pet her. Another example is how my aunt keeps taking in homeless cats, no matter what age or condition they are in, and now she has eight cats. When I hear this, I feel motivated and it makes me not give up, because she never gave up and she achieved her goal by doing so. She also makes me want to help animals, especially cats. There should be more women like her because she inspires people to not give up and to care for animals. “I regard cats as one of the great joys in the world. I see them as a gift of highest order.” — Claire

“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.” A person that inspires me is Malala, she is inspiring because she is the youngest person to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize And she tries to be the least violent she can. after she was shot in a bus and after she recovered she said that if she had a gun and if the person who shot her was in front of her, she would not shoot him. I can learn how to be more kind from Malala. There should be more girls like Malala in the media because she could teach people to try and be better people. This shows that Malala is kind and not violent.– Sophia

I admire my aunt.  I admire my aunt  because she is crazy, outdoorsy, and athletic. One way she is athletic is she played a lot of sports when she was younger. She skies and runs. When she was younger, she played rugby. When I see her, I feel excited. She makes me feel that women can be athletic. I think that she shows girls that they are good. She shows girls that they can be athletic.  — MG Participant