MEDIAGIRLS has launched brand new virtual workshops for girls!

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Girls don’t need makeovers. The media does.

The average teen girl spends 8 to 10 hours a day consuming media insisting she needs to be “hotter” and thinner to matter. The message is coming at her in advertising, music videos, TV, film, and just about all forms of mainstream media. Unfortunately, it’s taking a massive toll on our girls.

In this 60- to 90-minute workshop, we teach participants how to think critically about the media messaging she’s absorbing, and arm her with girl-tested strategies and tools to appreciate her self-worth and create healthy media habits.

She’ll learn in this workshop how to:

  • Understand mainstream media’s impact on how girls see ourselves
  • Define her self-worth on her inner qualities rather than the media’s focus on beauty and sex appeal
  • Deconstruct current music videos aimed at girls
  • Think critically about ads aimed at girls and women
  • Make empowering, healthy choices when consuming media

Sample testimonials:

“I liked that the workshop made me feel good, and when I went home, I didn’t feel like I needed to hide myself!” Hannah, age 12
“I hate the way that girls and women are portrayed in the media and I like trying to change that!” Hoa, age 14
“I enjoyed the fact that I could be me and express my feelings without being judged. I really like the teachers and all the girls.” Meg, age 14
“I liked discussing all the issues around media going on right now, and what we think about them! We don’t talk about this at school.” Rose, age 11
“We’re not only talking about issues in the media, but we’re also actually doing something about it by changing the way we read and post content.” Stacia, age 14


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