MEDIAGIRLS wins $50,000 at TUGG Pitching Competition!

In the 11th Annual TUGG (Technology Underwriting Greater Good) Wine & Tequila Party, where three new nonprofits (shout-out to @Mbadika, @TechGoesHome), and three returning pitched 2,000 people for almost three hours straight in hopes of winning a $50,000 grand prize. Our team of 12 volunteers came ready to pitch (we had no clue what it’d be like to yell our pitch in a party space with a live D.J.); Power Pose; and dance with abandon while we waited for the results. When they announced MEDIAGIRLS, we screamed with what voices we had left, danced a whole lot more, and rejoiced in the fact that this money will go straight to bringing our after-school program to so many more girls in low-income schools in Boston!!! It will also pay for healing lozenges.  #voicesgone #heartsfull
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