FAQ For Licensing Our #REALMEDIAGIRL Workshop

What does licensing include?

  • A 90-minute training to become certified
  • The ability to teach this workshop as often as you would like for 6 months or 12 months depending on what license you select
  • Materials needed to teach our 90-minute workshop (script plus PowerPoints)
  • Letter for parents that explains our workshop
  • Support from our staff, if requested
  • Relevant news updates throughout the school year to stay current


Tell me more about your programming?

Our core workshop is our #REALMEDIAGIRL workshop. It is developmentally designed for girls+ in grades 6th-8th. We use the term girls+ in all of our programming, Girls+ means that our programming is open to young people who identify as girls and young people who have ever felt like an outsider or an other because of their gender. Non-binary, trans, and genderqueer young people are welcome in MEDIAGIRLS programming! There are 4 key modules to the curriculum that support our 4 intended outcomes. We call them our REAL outcomes. Girls+ who take our programming will be able to  ‘Recognize unrealistic beauty and body standards and center self-worth on non-physical characteristics, Evaluate the the social pressures that come with social media and social media culture, and its effect on mental health, Access her behavior and ability to self-regulate her relationship with social media, and Learn how social media was designed by tech companies and how organization use influencers as tools to sell products.’ The program can be delivered as a 90-minute crash course or a 4-week session depending on what works for the school or organization.


What makes this workshop on girls+ & social media unique?

Our programming is based on activities and brainstorming sessions we do with thousands of girls+, so it is relevant and proven to be engaging. We go beyond teaching girls+ to think critically about social media; we give them concrete tools for how to change their attitudes and behavior on social media.


What about the boys for co-ed schools

Yes, we recognize that media is doing no favor to our boys. That said, girls+ use social media very differently, outnumber boys 2:1 on it, and suffer a bigger emotional hit from it. They need their own space to talk about it. That said, we can recommend screening The Mask You Live In, which discusses the pressures of masculinity found on media.


Do you help with recruitment of girls+?

We believe in partnerships where we can be of support in recruiting girls+ to the program, but ultimately it is up to the site partner. We can help with recruitment materials. We will not run a program if there are less than 10 girls+.


Where would this program fit best at a school?

Our programming fits in best with a health class or after school program, but we are always open to working with you to figure out what will fit best for your school!


How is pricing determined?

Pricing is based on the length of the license. Sponsorship opportunities are available!


Interested in learning more about fees and licensing our #REALMEDIAGIRL Workshop

Contact: Victoria Harding, Programming & Marketing Manager for MEDIAGIRLS, at victoria@mediagirls.org.