Let’s have the media highlight REAL women 


At MEDIAGIRLS we believe the media should shine the spotlight on women who are making great contributions to our society. Women should be celebrated for more than just their physical appearance. We recently asked MEDIAGIRLS participants at Edwards Middle School (one of our partner sites) what qualities they admire most in women and what kind of women they believe should be featured in the media. We were delightedly surprised to see that ALL of our Edwards’ participants chose a woman, or girl, who they know in real life. As these students have noted, who’s more deserving of media attention than your very best friend?



I chose my older sister because she is smart, brave, kind, and beautiful. She is smart because she is now in college and she helps me with all of my homework. I know that she is brave because when I was little, my dad took me to the doctor and I was so scared. She told me that it wouldn’t hurt, and even though she was scared she never showed it. She can also make people happy, like she did for me once when my goldfish had died.

My older sister is very kind. One time there was this old lady in the street, and she was cold and hungry. My dad told my sister not to go to her, but she gave her a piece of bread and her coat, and the old lady thanked her. When she returned, my dad was not happy with her, and he told her not to do that ever again, but she didn’t feel bad or mad. She just went to her room proud of herself. I chose her because she is my half sister and I only get to see her on the weekends, but she is still brave, kind, and beautiful. — MEDIAGIRLS Participant

I admire Fabiola [a MEDIAGIRLS class member] because she is caring. Fabiola shows that when I accidentally put my leg on hers, I say “Sorry I will move over!” “No it’s okay.” Another time is when we were shopping at my sister’s closet and I found a pair of cute studs. Fabiola was like ”I will get them for you.” “No it’s okay really.” “No for real.” “Fine thanks!” She got them! I couldn’t stop hugging her. She always has a good attitude. Those are my reasons that Fab is caring.  Another reason I admire Fabiola she is VERY, VERY smart. Fab shows this in all her classes. In Mr. Lee’s class and Ms. Samdi’s class she proves to me, herself and the teacher that she is a great student and friend. Also she proves that she is smart by getting her work done and doing her homework. She inspires me to do my work, which I already do. She inspires me to not be afraid of what other people say to me. Also she encourage me to be myself and not to change for anyone, and that’s why I admire Fabiola and everything she does for me.

Fabiola could change the media if she were to be the “spotlight girl” by showing how girls can be smart and a good friend. Also she can show how girls are always there for each other, and that girls don’t always have to get mad at each other because Fabiola never gets mad at me. She can show girls that they don’t have to be scared to be themselves and to be yourself no matter what. That’s how she would change the media. — Melissa A.

Someone who really inspires me now is my mom because she teaches me everything about women and because she brave. If there is a time I am afraid to fight, I will remember my mom and how brave she is. My mom is very important to me because she lost two babies before she had me and my two brothers, and she was very brave not to cry. — Yennifer R.

My mother inspires me because she is a strong woman and she is always by my side in difficult moments. I know that she is very strong because she would never leave me, and she will always love me. My mother inspires me to always be happy, and I am happy because I have her for a mother. She is the best mother in the world, and I would not change her for anyone else. She would never change for anyone else, and she is very strong. — Suseth S.

My mother inspires me all the time because she stood up for me when I had a problem. She always believes in me and believes that I’m going to go to high school and then college and eventually get a job. She is like a best friend to me. We like to play games like monopoly.  I want to be like my mother when I grow up. My mom keeps the house clean and friendly for when I get home.  — MEDIAGIRLS Participant


Someone who inspires me is my friend Rubi, as she is kind, funny, pretty, strong, and lovable.
One example of her being funny is the way she jokes around. When I hear her laugh it makes me feel happy and it makes me want to laugh too. She can make anyone laugh. She even gets the teachers to laugh. We even keep in touch by using this app called kik. One time she made a chat on kik for me and my friend Destiny because she saw something scary, so she made sure we were okay. We shared our biggest secrets. One time I stayed and comforted her when Destiny got mad, after that we all fixed thing and we are bffs again.At our old school we used to have this one seat on a small cement curve or seating area. One day we saw my social studies teacher and our fourth grade teacher in our spot. Rubi, instead of putting her hands on her hips, she put her hands under her arms like a chicken. I laughed and we walked over to the teachers and she said “Hey, that’s our spot!” in a funny voice. The teachers laughed and sent us back to our spots, and we had a great day. Another time at our old school it was multicultural day and she face painted me. We put holes in our water bottles and drew on the ground then sprayed each other. It was the best day of school. We took a nap inside and then we went home. It was so fun, and we had a great day.   — Tea D.


My mother inspires because I am going to be a young woman, and she says she will care for me and protect me from any danger. She is very smart, and she loves me a lot. — MEDIAGIRLS Participant

Someone who really inspires me right now is my mom, because she is so strong that she can almost help my sister bring her bed to the other room. One example is that she cooks many yummy chinese foods. Another example is that she cares all of the things that are at home. Also, when she goes to the supermarket, she can carry many heavy bags of vegetables. Finally, my mom does the chores when me and my sister are busy on our homework. When we are shopping, she always lets me buy things that I want to buy. If my mother was famous, the world would be different. People wouldn’t be boring at home and people would be helping each other. — Yingyi X.

Someone who really inspires me is my friend Sabrina, because she is kind, understanding, brave, and smart. Sabrina helps old people with walking and helps blind people. — Heather C.

My mom is so helpful because if anyone is sick in my family she will make sure that they are okay. Also if my mom sees someone fall she will go and help them, and also make sure that they are okay. Another thing is that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her. She will also won’t say anything that can hurt other people. That way if she needs to ask someone a question, and it is the person that she might have said something for example she might call somebody a name they won’t be mad because they won’t be mad at her. Also if she sees something in the ocean or on the ground, she will get gloves  or paper towels and pick it up, so that it does not kill any animals, and so we don’t have lots and lots of mice or rats and we can have a clean community. That is how I think my mom is very helpful to people and her community. I think my mom should be in the media because if they try to make her look like someone she is not, she will speak up for herself.  — Jaden P.

Someone who really inspires me is my mom because she is so confident. One example of her confidence is the way she does not care what other people say about her and she is not insecure. When I see her like that, I feel very happy and it makes me want to be just like her. I want to be like her because she is brave and has fought a long time to get where she is. She helps my family when it is necessary, and I think she is very helpful when people are sick or need help. It makes me feel special that I have a mom who is like that. I think that she is very helpful. She likes to meet new people and always says nice things to other people. She loves babies. I have a little baby cousin living with me right now and she loves him and always plays around with him. I knew I was like my mom because I love and baby and toddlers. My mom is very inspiring to me because she is so good and calm and she loves everything with nature. I think that other people are inspired by my mom and how she is beautiful and so kind to others.
I think if people in the media were like my mom they would not care about how they look, what size shape or height they are, and they would know that they can defend themselves and not use photoshop or anything. ​ — Meylin Y.

Someone who inspires me right now is my friend Melissa because she is so funny. I really admire her for that. One example of that is the way she makes jokes. When she’s making a joke I always end up laughing in the middle of class, and it makes me want to laugh more. For example, today when I was mad she made a joke that made me laugh out loud. She’s a good friend. She always has a positive attitude, and she’s like a bestfriend to me. Even though I met her last month, we have a bond that could never be broken. The world would be different and better if people like Melissa were in the media. — MEDIAGIRLS Participant


My mom inspires me because she is strong, funny, careful, and brave. She know the correct time to do everything, she can do everything, and she can be everything. She becomes a doctor when I’m sick, she becomes a teacher when I have doubts on homework, and she already is always a hairdresser, cook and more. When my mom moved to a different country without the company of my father, who was never present, just to give me a better future, I really began to admire her. That’s why I think she inspires me.  — Camille S.

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