Leadership Council

​The MEDIAGIRLS Leadership Council is open to Mentors who have completed their two-consecutive semester teaching requirement, and wish to gain additional leadership experience. These young women continue to teach in our classrooms, while also mentoring newer volunteers, and serving as MEDIAGIRLS ambassadors in the community.  We provide the Council with leadership skills that will serve them in the working world, while continuing to speak up for the rights of girls and women.

Fall 2019 MEDIAGIRLS Leadership Council

Camryn McMurtry

Why I mentor with MEDIAGIRLS: I am passionate about empowering girls to fight back against negative media messaging. I am constantly learning from the girls and I want to help them develop their most confident selves. 

Angela Romilla

​​Why I mentor with MEDIAGIRLS: I want girls to develop a positive relationship with social media. I want them to know that it is a tool that they can use to make positive change. I believe educating girls on harmful media messaging makes them more confident and encourages them to be their authentic selves.

Alyssa Yeh

Why I mentor with MEDIAGIRLS: I grew up like most tween and teen girls, with a mish-mash of insecurities: I felt like I was not pretty enough, not skinny enough, too Asian, too American. Without a space like MEDIAGIRLS, I had limited answers to why I felt this way and how I could change my negative mindset. I love MEDIAGIRLS because it allows girls to open up about their personal struggles while acknowledging the very real impact of erasure, sexism, and many more issues found in the media. I hope to encourage girls to boldly embrace their quirks & passions—especially on social media!

Julia Pelizzaro

​​Why I mentor with MEDIAGIRLS: I believe it is important to engage girls in conversations about the media they are consuming. Girls are being influenced constantly through movies, social media, music, and more. As a woman who also grew up in this digital age, I think it is my responsibility to engage the next generation and ask them “Why does the media want me to look and act a certain way? Do we want what they’re selling us?” It is the conversations we have in MEDIAGIRLS that empower girls to speak up and challenge the messages they consume every day.