How MEDIAGIRLS participants are using Instagram and Youtube to fight bullying and speak up for girls

MEDIAGIRLS defines a #realmediagirl as one who uses her social media to be authentic, speak up for what she believes in, and lift up other girls and women. In our MEDIAGIRLS Part 2 class, we challenge participants to create a #realmediagirl campaign from conception to production to promotion over eight weeks. In doing so, girls help change the culture of social media. Instead of Instagram being a platform that mainly spreads insecurity and body comparison, it can be a space were girls empower each other.

Below are two campaigns created this spring: The Community Charter School of Cambridge (video on top) chose to stand up for girls and women speaking up for themselves. Prospect Hill Academy (video on bottom) focused on girls supporting other girls who are being bullied. Ask the girl(s) in your life what issue she would tackle, and why? Encourage her to use her social media to share why it’s important to her. Or, maybe she can start by posting support on someone’s else’s account tackling that same issue.